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    Ordering vs buying off the lot

    Not really in the case of BMW. Since all vehicles need to be spec'd either by the dealer or a customer that part doesn't change. From there, different dealerships are still competing for your business. I ordered our X5 and M340i, got both well below MSRP, each from a different dealer in order...
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    Product to Clean Mildew Smell from Carpet

    Yeah I did tell him to wipe down the floor pan with a bleach solution.
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    Product to Clean Mildew Smell from Carpet

    A coworker has a Nissan Frontier that has had a water leak from one of the doors for a few months which he believes is fixed now. He said the carpet in the rear of the extended cab has taken on a mildew smell. He thinks he might remove the carpet and clean it outside the vehicle which I said...
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    How to keep new Honda paint happy for A long time ? All suggestions appreciated!

    Someone said clay every year. That's fine but clay WILL mar your clearcoat. Someone said brushless car washes. Certainly better than a tunnel/brush car wash but the chemicals they use to get around agitation are VERY harsh (alkaline). Take a combination of rooflessvw and The Critic. Prep the...
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    The canyon carver, the everyday car, and the overlander.

    That's a great lineup. I wanted a M2 CS so badly but the Mrs. was not on the same page.
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    3000 BMWs abandoned in Vancouver.

    Have you ever driven a BMW before? It is a shame but it's not like they caused the snowstorm that damaged the cars.
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    New Crossover

    Do yourself a favor and check out the RDX, too. More space inside, better AWD system, Honda 2.0T, etc.
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    BMW Shows Off First 2 Series Coupe That's Made In Mexico

    Exactly. A lot of people don't understand and are naive to this fact. I've seen some videos on the San Luis Pitosi plant and it is currently the most sophisticated plant BMW owns. Also, my coworker owns a 330i from there, 0 issues.
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    Anything better than a CX5 out there, yet?

    I didn't read all 10 pages but that was clearly a mistake. By his own words there really is nothing in existence better than a CX-5 at any price point, certainly not a RAV4 with decidedly chunky styling and a lower rent interior. I'm not sure why other manufacturers don't pack it in so...
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    Anything better than a CX5 out there, yet?

    I feel like the OP is trolling with this post. The CX-5 is clearly the best vehicle on the road. Any vehicle, including luxury brands, that may be better in one area is obviously worse in all others. Keeping your Mazda is the right answer.
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    Got a basic $100 electric pressure washer... now I want more

    OP you should do some more research before making that decision. If you look on there is a spreadsheet of various electric pressure washers which includes data like GPM. You can get models like the Active VE52 (or CAT 1800, same exact model) that flow 2+ GPM. Additionally...
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    2020 M340i - CQuartz UK 3.0 & Gliss

    Keep in mind that $50 is without a topper. Many coating brands suggest a topper that will protect against water spots in the 14 days the coating takes to fully cure (and beyond that). In the case of CQuartz UK 3.0 (or CQuartz Lite) the topper is Gliss and in the case of Crystal Serum Light...
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    Cleaning wheels with drilled rotors

    Another vote for Hyde's Serum Rust Stopper. I won't wash my cars without it anymore. 1. After giving the wheel a final rinse, wait a few seconds until residual water stops streaming off the bottom of the rotor. 2. Hold the nozzle just inside the spokes of the wheels and give the rotor a mist...
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    2021 BMW X5 test drives: xDrive45e, xDrive40, M50i

    My wife and I have a 2019 X5 xDrive40i (B58 engine, M-Sport package, etc., etc.). That's the model you want. The acceleration is swift, we get up to 25MPG on the highway, and current versions of the B58 benefit from a once-over by Toyota before that engine platform was used in the Supra. We...
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    2020 M340i - CQuartz UK 3.0 & Gliss

    Just got a 'like' on this thread so I figured I'd let you all know that the CQuartz UK 3.0 is still going strong after 17 months. Since the time of this thread I found a couple other mistakes I made with the coating that I'm living with; I can't stress enough how important good lighting is when...