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    Paint Problem

    When my wife's '19 X5 was less than a year old it got a dent in the passenger door while at the dealership. The X5 has a pretty sharp crease along the doors and that's where the dent was. They brought in a top notch PDR guy and he was able to make it look like the dent was never there, I was...
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    Moving To Phoenix, Suggestions?

    If the color of your vehicle(s) is light your routine should be fine. If they're dark ditch the 845 and go for something fully synthetic like one of the new Turtle Wax products or, even better, a true ceramic like CQuartz Lite. The hot sun will evaporate a wax on a dark car in weeks or even...
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    New vehicle new paint protection?

    As others have said, if you REALLY want to protect the car you need to go for a real ceramic coating, one like CQuartz Lite if you've never applied one before.
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    2020 X3 Detailed!

    Nice car, nice color, nice work.
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    2020 X3 Detailed!

    Yeah, I abandoned the wash a panel, rinse a panel method almost a decade ago and went to one wash, one rinse. Any water that dries on the vehicle while you're finishing would leave spots, whereas if soapy water dries on the vehicle it can be rinsed off in one shot at the end without leaving spots.
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    Rodent repellant spray

    We had the same issue with mice under the hood of both BMWs. In addition to thinning the herd with traps in our detached garage we put peppermint oil under the engine covers. I was worried the smell would get inside the car but it didn't. So far so good.
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    Here's a before and after for you guys

    Nice work!
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    Power Lock Plus

    Other liquid sealants are nipping at its heels and of course you now have entry ceramic coatings like CQuartz Lite which are phenomenal and will outperform it. That said, if time or preparation constraints are keeping you in the liquid paint sealant realm, Power Lock is the only thing I'd use...
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    Do you use two separate products on leather seats with vinyl trim?

    I use CarPro PERL diluted 5:1 on all interior materials (except screens). PERL is a versatile product with many exterior and interior uses depending how it's diluted.
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    A freshly detailed 2017 Jaguar XF S

    Nice work. Some really good products you used, too.
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    2021 Supra 3.0 Premium

    My buddy has one he uses as a track car and I've ridden with him at Watkins Glen. Exterior looks are definitely above average, very sporty and unique. When you first get in the car the interior is high quality and surprisingly comfortable. On track, the performance was very impressive, and I...
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    Recommendations for Tow Vehicle

    How about a Honda Ridgeline? It's more truck than you (or even most F-150 owners) need but will get the job done reliably and in comfort.
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    2019/20 Tahoes

    Expect a cheap interior compared to what you have now (it may be built tightly but the design and materials will easily be two steps down). That said, I'd expect it to be miles ahead in terms of reliability and durability. It also doesn't look half bad from the outside depending on the trim.
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    Wax ratings on Dmitry's Garage

    Thanks for acknowledging my points/observations. It's not always easy to even take constructive criticism, especially when you put a good deal of effort into something like you have here.
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    Bam wrx dead. Need a suitable rep

    Don't hesitate on the Supra. First, Toyota went through the engine and did have BMW make a few minor modifications to improve durability (which BMW incorporated across all B58 engines, even in their own products). Second, Toyota made some rear suspension revisions for the current year which...