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    Too Slow !!??

    Was this single lane road or mult-lane? If multi lane where you on the LEFT (PASSING) lane?
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    A new (and sad) record for windshield wiper lifespan.

    I've used them, pretty expensive but I figured hey you get what you pay for and a couple years use makes them actually economical. BUT: #1 They don't last years in Texas heat #2 The paint was fading away after 1 year so I replaced them for that reason alone while they were still working decent...
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    Advance, Autozone, O'Reilly, NAPA - Your Favorite

    For me it's Rockauto first for everything unless I need it ASAP then I will go to Autozone. I rarely use O'Rielly or the others and NAPA closed up.
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    O2 sensors Economy vs Premium brand

    I used an Ultra Power 02 sensor once just for fun - it is still working on that car 2 years later lol. But I usually use Denso, NTK or other known brand name. The only one that ever gave me issue was Bosch- for some reason they just didn't work on a few cars...enough that I stopped buying them.
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    I'm a GM oil life monitor believer

    The worst thing to come out of OLM systems is the stupidity of the general public. I cannot tell you how many times (hundreds!) I've had to teach people that the OLM is just predicted oil condition - NOT oil level. I have many times found a car 1 or 2 qts low and when I ask why they are not...
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    4L60E Build

    Thank you for the always awesome detailed posts with photos!! I need to get my 4L60e to you for a rebuild. It's in my 94 LT1 Corvette and its lost its overrun clutches, I have no drag in lower gears - it just coasts. Runs fine otherwise and been like this for years. I am the original owner and...
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    disappointed in Griots 3-1 ceramic wax durability

    I like the Griots 3 in 1 but I have also noticed the durability is not that good. The gloss is better then some other products I have used so maybe more gloss was at the expense of durability. I get about 3 months before it's ready to be reapplied. When I do the old fashioned wax/sealer job I...
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    Post your current MPG

    Averaging 18.1 in the '16 RAM Limited 4x4 5.7L/8spd, getting 20.2 with the '14 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4x4 3.6L/8spd and 20.2 with the '08 CTS 3.6DI. These numbers are off the driver info display so I am sure they are skewed a bit.
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    2015 Jeep Wrangler High Oil Pressure at Interstate Speeds (3.6L Pentastar)

    Yeah I thought about that after I typed it - but couldn't delete the comment. I am aware late model cars all run hotter for emmisions and effiecency but still figured it would be under 220 while moving. The wife's Grand Cherokee 3.6 runs 215 normally. WIth that I guess all is well.
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    Denso air filter

    I like the Denso filters (oil and air) and they are available very reasonably priced on RockAuto.
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    Nasty smell after accelerating

    Every Toyota I have ever been behind that was accelerating hard has the rotten egg smell - but you should not be smelling it inside the car.
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    2015 Jeep Wrangler High Oil Pressure at Interstate Speeds (3.6L Pentastar)

    I think I would be more worried that your coolant temp is 222 while driving.
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    Amsoil SS vs Mobil 1 EP

    I can't say with facts if Amsoil is better than the Mobil 1 I currently use. It also doesn't matter to me because I prefer an oil I can get anywhere, it's cheap at walmart and can handle my 6-7k mile OCI's easily. Now if I were stretching out past 10k miles then I would be deeper looking at...
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    Remote Hose Clamp Pliers

    I need to get a better one. I currently have a cheapie "deluxe 7pc set" of various hose clamp pliers and the remote one is flimsy and not very strong.