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    To analyze or not to analyze? 2012 Mazda5

    I had a 2014 CX5. It was an outstanding vehicle. LOVED it!
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    QSUD 5W30 in 2.3 Ecoboost

    To the best of my knowledge, that Motorcraft syn blend was made by Phillips 66, and always showed great UOA's. I'm a Quaker State full syn fan as well. Is the Quaker State better than Motorcraft???? Both great oils!
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    Thoughts on Vandersteen speakers?

    Vandersteen is a very well respected manufacturer. If I was looking at Vandersteen, I would probably be leaning towards an upscale integrated or separates to extract what the Vandersteens have to offer. I don't see the point of a receiver anymore unless you are doing home theater as well. A low...
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    TCW3 in lawnmower maintenance dose

    Startron by Starbrite is a very good additive that I've had real good luck with. It is designed to combat the uglies associated with ethanol fuel. If you think the carb is dirty, I like Berryman B12 injection cleaner.
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    Buying House on 1.1 Acres. Need Zero-Turn Lawnmower and Weedeater/Blower Recommendations.

    I run a 2018 Gravely ZT HD-52. Hydros are ZT-3100 (entry level commercial). I have over 200 hours on it, and have only done oil changes (engine, and hydros) valve adjust, air filter, and sharpen blades. A solid machine. My son runs a 2020 ZT HD-60, and he is just as pleased as I am. I have a...
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    Post your latest boat or PWC oil and filter change

    2009 Volvo Penta 3 ltr, Rotella 30W, and Fleetguard LF651
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    What's your factory carry ammo, and why?

    Regardless of caliber, I have HPR Ammo. If I remember correctly, the projectiles are Hornady XTPs.
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    Just Sold My Boat

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    Post your latest 2 stroke mix

    90 octane ethanol free with 50-1 Echo Red Armor
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    Toro Suzuki 2 stroke vs 4 stroke: What would you choose?

    Had a Toro two stroke years ago with the GTS engine. What a machine that was. I sold it to buy a Toro 4 stroke mulcher. Compared to the two stroke, it felt like pushing a tank. I loved that two stroker!
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    MerCruiser 7.4L Flat Tappet

    Yes it does, and that is what will go into my 3 ltr VP. Synthetic 20W-50 VR1. It should arrive today.
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    Quicksilver (Mercury Marine) 35-802886O (Ford FL-1A)

    My experience, and 2 cents with large diameter filters with greater surface area, one full turn way be too much. Try 7/8 turn, 3/4 if that's still too hard to remove.
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    Post your latest boat or PWC oil and filter change

    2009 Glastron SSV175 w Volvo Penta 3 ltr. Mobil Delvac Extreme 15W-40 Fram PH30 Two Fleetguard LF651 on the shelf for future changes Just acquired the boat from a Navy Vet who bought it for grandkids. Less than 100 hours on it. In the shop for a thorough service.
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    Marine Gear Oil for lower units

    In 2007 I bought a Stringray 195 LX with a Volvo Penta SX drive system. I thought it was superior to the Mercruiser. The cone clutch was quiet, and I never saw any particulate, or milk in the lube that I saw with Mercruiser. That being said, Volvo Penta service is not available locally for me...