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    Getting every last ounce out of a jar/bottle/etc.

    I turn bottles over too, especially with viscous materials like ketchup, shampoo, and laundry detergent. Speaking of the detergent, its concentrated and very viscous. My wife buys gallon jugs of it, and one day I heard her complain she ran out. I spoke up and told no, you haven't. She had three...
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    Argentina football legend Diego Maradona dies at 60

    Live fast, die fast. He was an all time great player, but he was not a great man.
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    What does retirement mean to you?

    Thanks, Oddly enough most people happily assume I am "used to it" now. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I handled it much better at 22 than I do at 57. Physically I still look the same but I am worn out inside. Living like a sleep deprived zombie for the past 35 years has not been fun. I...
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    What does retirement mean to you?

    Congrats to you for being an elite athlete. My statement was obviously a metaphor. I just want to "cross the finish line" at work and collaspe. 40 years of rotating 12 hour shift work takes a toll on the human body that 9 to 5 people who sleep and eat well can't even begin to understand.
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    What does retirement mean to you?

    The end of running a marathon.
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    Engines being used infrequently

    Once a week is MORE than enough. Leave it alone and don't stress!
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    401K withdrawal

    DJIA 30,000! NASDAQ 12,000! SP500 3640!
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    Shingles (ouch)

    A poor lady at our Church (pastors wife) has them all over one side of her face. Its terrible, and her eyesight was/is in danger. If anyone is over 50, GET THE "2 PART" VACCINE! You get one injection and then another two months later. It is 97%+ effective. Malo, unfortunatly you have to treat...
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    2020 Pentastar forward plans

    They told me it was bulk PYB. I guess they could be lieing, but they would be assuming a lot of risk if they were not using at least a certified, in spec oil.
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    2020 Pentastar forward plans

    Me too. When I bought my 2019 RAM, the dealer was pushing their maintenance package. It called for 7,500 mile OCI, but after negoaiting the price down, I also negoaited the interval down to 5000 mile OCI's. So far everything seems great.
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    Never change, Just add oil only?

    It don’t. But when it’s misinterpreted 3X I think it’s OK to clarify. Sorry you are having such a bad day, LITW. Maybe tomorrow will be better for you.
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    Never change, Just add oil only?

    The question I posed was not referring to a new car with a factory fill never getting an oil change. I twice specified 1 qt. added every 1000 miles, so, thats a 5 qt "change" every 5000 miles, essentially.