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    corrosion inhibitor

    I had an american racing chrome rims which looked terrible, all with rust dots because of heavy snow and salt on the roads. I just polished it using 3M perfect-it and it looked great, but on the next winter season rust dots started appearing again. I think if I would do that again, it will be a...
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    2012 Lincoln Navigator 5.4 engine oil

    Thanks for your answers, that really helps! Always change oil in all cars every 5-10k km, as our driving conditions are not so friendly because of dirty roads and really cold winters. I think I will choose between staying with Shell or trying Mobil. Agree, never stick with manufacturer specs...
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    2012 Lincoln Navigator 5.4 engine oil

    Hi everyone, please can you help me to choose the right oil for my '12 Lincoln Navigator 5.4 3v engine with only 50k miles driven. The issue is I live in Russia and most US oils which are "API SP" or "ILSAC certified" are almost not available to me. The recommended 5w-20 (M2C945-A) is also...