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    Why the Different Crossing Pattern When Rotating Tires

    That's what my dealer wanted to do. I printed the manual page that specified (2008 F150 4x2) rear-to-front, front crossed-to-rear. He was glad to do that.
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    Changing hydraulic fluid to ATF

    As others say, YES. Here's a little physics for you. There is moisture in the air. The air is the reservoir is about oil temperature. The top of the reservoir is about room temperature. The moisture condenses on the inside of the top of the reservoir. The water drops into the oil and...
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    Hydraulic fluid replacement for 10w 30

    Assuming you are talking about Mobil Delvac™ Tractor Hydraulic Fluid, it looks like a good choice. It has viscosity similar to a AW32 at 20F, to a AW46 at 120F, and a to an AW68 at 220F. Good VI of 145. To the extent practical, operate the hydraulics unloaded (low pressure) until it warms up...
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    UA flight #328 loses engine over Broomfield CO.

    While not directly related, this thread hijack question comes from reviewing P&W engine (well, general high-bypass turbofan engine; GE looks the same) sketches. CONCEPTUALLY, is a high bypass (fanjet) like a turboprop with the "fan" and "prop" just realized differently? Web efficiency sketches...
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    Hydraulic fluid replacement for 10w 30

    It's very unlikely other things will be equal, but yes, a high VI would be better. In MY OPINION, the best hydraulic oils are the Mobil DTE20 series. They have a low VI meaning that temperature control is important. IN GENERAL, high VI fluids are not optimum for hydraulic applications; when...
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    Stripped lug nut

    And set your impact on high to replace the drain plug ... NOT!!!!! I wouldn't use an impact to even remove a drain plug, much less tighten one. This was sarcasm.
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    I'm Considering Nitrogen vs Air Again

    I'm curious of the details on your N2 generator. What brand is it? How pure is the N2? What is the moisture content? Do you feel that water or O2 is the more significant a problem with "nasty" compressed air?
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    Fluid level on scissor lift

    When the cylinders are fully retracted, there is a maximum of oil in the reservoir. I would recommend, unless the manufacturer says otherwise, that the level be at about 80% of the sight glass. When the cylinders are fully retracted, there is a minimum of oil in the reservoir. I would INSIST...
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    Shell Rotella T6 15w-40 vs Rotella Gas Truck 0W-20, 5W-20, & 5W-30

    I used (2008-2016; quit riding) 5W40 T6 in my motorcycle. It had the JASO spec, and cold morning starts were (at least SEEMED) better than with 10W or 15W products.
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    confused about what size wheels and tires fit?

    (trimmed a little bit ... I'm not as smart as a Ford suspension engineer, so cannot comment on the change. But, here in the southeast US, I can find reasonably priced F150 (yeah, I know they are not even similar to the F350) wheels on Craigslist very regularly.
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    Duh moments while wrenching on vehicles

    I worked on hydraulic machinery and systems. While standard SHCS exist with 5/32. 5/16, and 5/8 hex sockets. the VERY SLIGHTLY oversize 4, 8, and 16mm hex keys (Allen type)have never failed to fit ... Better. 6 point and 12 point bolt heads are not as small, so the "standard" wrenches or...
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    confused about what size wheels and tires fit?

    I've found, which which your image came, to be accurate. They show all 3 sizes with 40mm offset, likely accurate. The 3 wheels listed, 17, 18, and 20 all will FIT your truck. Both 17 tires are significantly lower load rating AND SMALLER DIAMETER than the 18 and 20. I didn't...
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    Pmetric to LT

    You picked the exact size that Toyo used as an example. You don't give your OE size, but ASSUMING a 110 rated tire, carrying the same load requires 45 psi. Depending on your hitch (equalizing?), their 40 may be fine; I'd PROBABLY use 45. The 50 in the rear will give more capacity than the OE...
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    Tire recommendations for 2015 BMW X5

    I'm sure it's a typo, but somebody's gotta say it ... 1600 miles a DAY!
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    Towing a travel trailer-inflate to max sidewall psi?

    Remember that the load distributing hitch increases the load on the front tires and trailer axles, reducing it (from untensioned hitch bars) from the rear axle. I agree that stiffer is better, but am not in the "max on the sidewall" camp. BUT I DON'T TOW, either, so worthless thoughts anyway.