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    Subaru 22” and 19” OE wiper blades

    I’ve never been let down by OE wipers in my Subies. Speaking of which, both are probably due for replacement. Thanks for the timely reminder.
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    Subaru 22” and 19” OE wiper blades

    I noticed that my two trusted Subaru OE online parts suppliers stopped selling insert refills several years ago. When asked, they simply said Subaru stopped offering the inserts and had switched to only offering the entire replacement for more money.
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    SRX at Five Flags

    I was expecting something involving this guy! And then I re-read the title :LOL:
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    Maintainer Cooking Batteries?

    I would check the electrolyte levels and add distilled water to low cells, which I feel is likely. dump that ”maintainer” and buy a NOCO or CTEK or, if you want to keep the maintainer you have, add a timer.
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    Check AC charge?

    Then what’s your point?
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    Check AC charge?

    I understand the point you’re trying to make, but to say they’re designed to be sprayed uncontrollably into the air is a bit of an exaggeration.
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    Accidentally ran twin engine on one cylinder!!

    Ah, reading comprehension. My one weakness. :D
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    A casual photo thread (pictures you or your companion took)

    What are you using? Should you be using a respirator instead of a dust mask? I spray the perimeter of my house, as well as strategically inside the house, with supposedly food-safe Talstar (Bifethrin). My wife wants me to spray EVERYTHING outside, but I refuse to kill any more bugs than is...
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    Old MacBook Pro just died on me

    I wonder if they mixed up two different repair orders. Hopefully you don’t receive an even older macbook back…
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    A casual photo thread (pictures you or your companion took)

    Thanks for the concern, bud. I was put on antibiotics (only for Lyme) the next day. I never got sick and the sore is almost gone. I sent the tick off the a lab in PA for analysis. They received it yesterday and confirmed it was an adult female dear tick. We should have the results by tomorrow.
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    BITOG would be very proud of my non-car person sister - niece is getting a "new" car.

    So, you gave an “A++” on a car that has not been inspected and that you’ve not seen. You’re leading your “non-car person” sister to believe she’s made the right choice based on absolutely nothing. Instead of giving your sister praise, I think we should revoke your BITOG card.:poop: