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    Battery discharged to 10.8v. Ok?

    With LA batteries you never know. I’d lean toward not worrying about it, though.
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    Have any of you refinanced your mortgage lately?

    We were only three years into our mortgage and we’re opting for another 30. When I calculated the time to recoup our closing costs I compared to the original cost of the first loan, not how much I owe now, which is $15k less. Why? Obviously my refi payment would be lower due to less owed on the...
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    ***Official Member Picture Thread***

    Maybe I’m just sensitive. I work in a majority-male shipyard. I see old men stop and turn their decrepit bodies a full 180 when ANY woman walks by just to ogle them. It’s disgusting.
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    What I miss the most

    Let tour son do it. You supervise. Win-win. Please don’t let your pain turn you crotchety. Or this
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    Have any of you refinanced your mortgage lately?

    I‘m currently working on a refi through NFCU, who is also my current lender. 3.25 —> 2.50 VA However, I‘ll have to pay half a point and 1% origination fee on $300k. With additional closing costs it’ll take me 7 or so years to recoup. I plan to stay in the house forever.
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    Best method for using Redline SI-1

    Not likely, which is why any method of use won’t matter.
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    Non-detergent oil in small engines

    I‘m not knocking it. I’m a fan of brining existing, relevant threads back to life. I was just impressed at how old the thread was! Back on topic. I’ve looked for ND oil at gas stations and such and never see it. That’s a good thing.
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    Subaru Outback Wilderness

    Right, as we all know, performance is defined in the lifted wagon segment. for S&Gs which model/year did you drive?
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    Post your latest beer consumption

    One of my favorites!
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    Subaru Outback Wilderness

    Ive personally never seen that. Maybe you’re referring to the 80s stereotype? 🤦
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    Non-detergent oil in small engines

    Wow, best necro in a while
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    Subaru Outback Wilderness

    Whats your problem with the HTCVT, again?
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    Subaru Outback Wilderness

    It‘ll be hard to tell, with her rear-view mirror so far away.;) Seriously, what about this car screams feminine to you guys? :unsure:
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    Subaru Outback Wilderness

    I rarely hear of CVT issues and when I do, it’s usually a solenoid issue, not a CVT failure. I love the CVT in my FXT. I actually came from an STI and was expecting to hate it. It’s pretty impressive. If you haven’t driven a modern Subie with an HTCVT then, respectfully, you’re simply biased...