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    Range Rover 3.0SCV6 Oil Questions

    I decided to just go with the Liqui Moly Special Tec LR oil. After doing a lot of reading I learned that supposedly the special oil requirement is because of a patented pin system in the VVT actuators, or at-least that is what I’ve been given as the reason for it. The Liqui Moly came 2 day...
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    Range Rover 3.0SCV6 Oil Questions

    Thank you, I was a Jag/Rover technician and salesman in a past life. Have owned tons of Rovers over the years, this is my first “nice” Rover which replaced our XC90. I really wanted a TD but maintenance and repair costs on that engine scares me. Plus finding diesel in my area is a pain.
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    Range Rover 3.0SCV6 Oil Questions

    I may be overthinking this one but given the 3.0/5.0 tendencies to kill timing chain tensioners I want to make sure I’m going about this the best way I can. The vehicle is a 2014 Range Rover L405 with the 3.0L supercharged V6 and right at 80k miles on the clock. Prior owner had all the service...
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    ACEA A5/B5 5w-30 High Milage Oil

    We have a new to us 2016 Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription with suspect service history the last couple years. On top of that the dealership chain I bought it from is notorious for using all sorts of "profit" additives and using Pennzoil motor oil in all of their cars regardless of what the manufacturer...
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    My dad wants a new Jaguar F Pace, but...

    I am a former Jaguar/Land Rover technician and also sold them later in my career. I went to the F Pace launch training at New Orleans Speedway. Frankly I'd put new Jaguar products against any of the other (real) luxury brands in reliability. Very few issues, mostly trim issues, infotainment...
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    Range Rover 5.0 oil & BG MOA?

    Former Land Rover technician here with 14yrs of experience on Land Rover. I do not have an opinion on the MOA products, we used them but purely for additional profit. You are playing with fire not using the factory pour Castrol. Your 5.0L is extremely prone to timing chain tensioner failure...
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    Mitsubishi J4 CVT Fluid-Valvoline CVT Fluid

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by JTK</div><div class="ubbcode-body">The Jatco CVT will have a serviceable filter. They're mounted behind the fluid cooler/heater assembly, or under a separate external housing on the case. I doubt a Mitsubishi dealer...
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    Do you use one filter brand or many?

    I was raised on the Wix (Napa Gold) gospel. For all my vehicles except my Jeep and scooters I use Wix filters exclusively. I use Mopar filters on my Jeep due to the 2.4L oil consumption issues, I don't want to give FCA a way to fight me is I have the issue. Wix simply does not make filters for...
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    Mitsubishi J4 CVT Fluid-Valvoline CVT Fluid

    The CVT service is due in my wife's Outlander and the dealership advise me that the 2016 Outlander does not have a serviceable filter. The CVT service consist of a drain & fill. I'm not to thrilled to pay them $280 for something I can do for easily myself with $60 worth of fluid. The Valvoline...
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    Need advice on some cheap cars

    I can personally vouch for the durability of the Ford Escapes. We had two, one four cylinder and one six. Both were great cars and both lasted over 200k miles with questionable maintenance histories. Both are still on the road in my area. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another for a cheap SUV.
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    Change those cabin filters

    I recently bought my P38 Rover and found the cabin air filters in poor condition. On the P38 Rovers changing the cabin air filters is very important otherwise clogged filters cause excessive load on the fan relay and will burn up the relay with the whole fuse block.