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    Slip Yoke Plug Leaking

    It is difficult for me to tell from the photo, but if the plug is convex with the dome pointed outward, it is a Welch plug. A Welch plug is seated by being struck on the dome which expands the plug's circumference.
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    Interesting Diag

    @clinebarger, please explain disconnecting the bus bar and why disconnecting it separates the body from the underhood electrical. Is a bus bar part of the fuse box? I always enjoy and learn from your postings. Thanks.
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    Tool Cabinet Moves Around

    The vise is only a 4 inch one so it's not being used for heavy work. I searched for furniture cups but found nothing large enough to accommodate 5 inch wheels.
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    Tool Cabinet Moves Around

    My tool cabinet, with 5 inch locking casters, tends to roll around when I am using the vise that is mounted on top. I would prefer to keep it on its casters. I would appreciate suggestion how to keep the thing from moving around.
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    Gear Driven Overhead Cam Engines

    Porsche Type 547 four cam engine, circa 1950s
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    MG stalling hot

    If the rubber carb diaphragm is perforated, air bypasses the throttle valve causing erratic idle.
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    Magliner Gemini Hand Trucks

    I have a Magliner HMK111UA4, a basic aluminum hand truck. It is very well made and, in my opinion, worth the extra money.
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    Any issue driving carbureted vehicle with choke pulled slightly out?

    The exhaust manifold on this car is directly below the intake manifold, which is part of the cylinder head. Gasoline leaking from the carb will drip onto the exhaust manifold.
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    Wired network vs wifi network

    I am going to locate the router near the center of the house and then home run Cat6 from the stationary devices. Portable devices will use wifi. Wired access points will be added if necessary. Thanks everyone for your very helpful posts.
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    Wired network vs wifi network

    The Google mesh routers that I own each have only two ports. To do home runs, more ports will be needed on one. Will the use of an ethernet hub affect performance?
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    Wired network vs wifi network

    In creating a wired backhaul where three mesh routers will be used, is it customary to daisy chain the wired connections among the three or should the connections to the satellites be home run to the mesh router closest to the modem?
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    Wired network vs wifi network

    What is meant by wired backhaul?
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    Wired network vs wifi network

    I am working on a single family, 2400 square foot house in which it would be fairly easy to run ethernet cable. When it's finished the home network will connect to about a dozen devices, two each: phones, computers, TVs, Airplay receivers, etc. No gamers live there and the most demanding...
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    Prevost “Warranty”

    Two of my two-year-old Prevost quick air line couplers leak when a plug is engaged. I emailed Prevost to ask if the couplers are serviceable. Prevost replied that they are not serviceable and are guaranteed only if Prevost plugs are used. My plugs are Milton. Aren’t all brands of M style...
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    My travel setup

    Nice! What kind of foam is that and how did you cut it?