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    2023 Honda HR-V

    This dealer does MSRP but they has zero HR-V inventory. Most Honda dealers are going full retard when it comes to mark ups and way over priced accessories that they install on the car and won’t take off.
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    2023 Honda HR-V

    MSRP $28,790
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    2023 Honda HR-V

    One of my local dealers received a demo model so I went over there to test drive it. They had the middle Sport trim to check out. I was very impressed with it. I liked the exterior styling and the interior was really nice. I feel Honda took a page out of the Mazda playbook when it came to fit...
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    Washington State DMV fees going up on July 1st.

    My State‘s governor signed a $17 billion dollar transportation bill, so that means DMV fees are going up. One item they snuck in was raising the dealers “Doc Fee“ maximum to $200. I know this is still low compared to some states that don’t have a cap. I guess the dealers Association lobbyist...
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    Apple workers at Maryland store vote to unionize

    Especially Starbucks. I already seen them shut down a store in one shopping center then build a new one right down the street. Do they keep the same internal store number or is it a new store with a new internal number?
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    Apple workers at Maryland store vote to unionize

    I was just telling my friend at work today about this subject and told him pretty much word for word what you wrote. I’m in the machinist union and I think it’s worthless for these high turnover jobs to become union. The only people it helps is the “insert new union name here”.
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    Interesting little tidbit about Curly from the three stooges and dogs

    There were three that tried to fill the shoes of Curly. Shemp, Curly Joe, and Joe Besser.
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    Can anything reliable be purchased these days for $5k?

    Any 2000-2005 Buick with the 3.8. Like this Granny mobile or look for a Pontiac Vibe (Toyota Matrix)
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    My NC750X has a lil brother now

    It’s a clutchless manual. N on the bottom and 4 gears up.
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    My NC750X has a lil brother now

    Yes, road legal. They top out around 50-55mph.
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    My NC750X has a lil brother now

    I drove 6 hours round trip to pick it up today. I been looking to buy one for the last year and a half. My three local big dealers had a list 20 deep with a required $500 deposit, and maybe got a few over the last year. Then one of them had a $2K markup on them. I been checking Motohunt daily...
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    2022 Santa Cruz

    Sonata wants to talk to you.
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    RIP Mr. Bookman.

    RIP buffalo butt.
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    How Do I Know if I Have Towing Package?

    Some cars come installed with a hitch, but their called “activity” attachment because the car isn’t technically allowed to tow anything.
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    2023 Honda HR-V

    I wonder if these manufacturers pay for the airfare and hotel to these Youtube car “journalists“ to review their cars. All the same ones are at these new model debuts that are all over the country.