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    98 Mustang GT stalls out

    Well just an update because I owe everyone that... I dropped the fuel tank and anyone who knows the Mustang fuel tank, you'll remember the fuel pump is clicked/locked into a plastic housing. Well the fuel pump housing was cracked apart, half of it was floating in the tank, the fuel pump was...
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    98 Mustang GT stalls out

    It's just strange the fuel pump pressure is dead on, I would've thought it would fluctuate. I guess I could reconnect the fuel pressure gauge and kick the tank or something.. But it's making more and more sense as you guys are explaining it. the fuel pump assembly would need to come out...
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    98 Mustang GT stalls out

    I did forget to mention, the fuel guage is stuck on full, and there's probably a half tank in it. So if the connections got loosened up.. why does the car restart every single time it dies out? Wouldn't the connection that got loose, stay loose? why would the car idle for almost an hour, but...
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    98 Mustang GT stalls out

    So far, it's only been stalling when driving. I had it idling for a half hour or so, put in drive, chocked the wheels, set ebrake and it idled there for 15min with no problems. But as soon as I began to drive, about halfway down the block it just died, put it in Neutral, fired right up, back in...
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    98 Mustang GT stalls out

    I am trying to diagnose a friends 98 Mustang GT 4.6L, VIN: X, around 148k miles. A week ago the Mustang was hit right rear quarter panel. the Inertia switch flipped like it was supposed to. It was towed away. I got to the car and pushed the button in and Car fired right up. Purrs like a...
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    Fram and Wix Air Filters

    I'm not a fan of anything fram. Sorry, no flaming please! when I bought my 2012 Fusion in 2013, it was a used car, the dealer put a MC oil filter and claimed to use MC 5w20 semi-syn. The air filter I assumed was MC, well a while later I decided to look.. low and behold.. a fram. I wasn't to...
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    Should I switch back to paper from K&N?

    I originally went with K&N because of the hype, and seeing the display in action really opened my eyes.. and I was 18 and didn't know squat. Well I'd like to see that test again with the paper element filter "coked". Even if the K&N shot more air thru, it's also pushing more silicon too. I ran...
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    Battery brands

    I'd like to answer a question posted earlier about date codes. Most batteries have date codes with a letter/number. such as: C5 or H8 SO C would be March, the 5 would be 2015 (or 2005). But use common sense and looking at the condition it would be more than likely a 2015. the H8 would be 8...
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    AGM battery reads 13.1V no load. But is dead.

    You need a charger that can push out more than a regular 2/6/10 amp. the battery is so thirsty for electricity, it's drawing more than your 2/6/10amp charger can put out. so the charger circuit breaker breaks, cools down, reconnects and the battery sucks down as much juice as it can till the...
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    What would you say is the best flush product

    Iron Tite Cooling system cleaner
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    New (old) Ranger w/ {PICS} + oil change......

    According to Ford, it wasn't worth building a Ranger for the U.S. market because the F-150 gets the same mileage and is bigger anyway. the Ranger would be to large to be considered compact of midsize.
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    Follow your oil life meter

    The OLM on my 06 Saturn Relay goes about 4500 miles no matter what oil I use. I switched from Synpower to PPU and it still says around 4500 miles to change it. I simply reset the indicator and keep going. I ran a 11k oil life on the PPU and have no regrets doing so. I'm on my 2nd use of PPU...
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    Do people regap spark plugs anymore?

    My view is, definetely check! You can't take for granted that the person at the factory is going to be 100% correct every single time. We don't know if that person is having a bad day and simply wants to fudge one plug and not care. Not all cars use the same gap anyway. Ford uses like .054"...
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    Worst car to change cabin filter on?

    Got another one.. 02 Hyundai Santa Fe. Filter is located to right side of glove box. it exits from below, requireing the kick panel be removed as well as the passenger side shielding. Then a long screwdriver to remove the housing and then it slides down & out.
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    Tool box brands - Does it really matter?

    I worked with a guy who did primarily carb tuning and rebuilding. More bench work than rack work. He did good with throttle bodies too. He did this for 8 years.. his toolbox: a red craftsman 3 drawer DIY box, complete with the locking bar! Most of what he had was screwdrivers, taps, precision...