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    Savior Spark Plug

    With a name like that it should certainly perform above and beyond all others.
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    The Best SAE 30 Diesel Engine Oil

    Nothing like the sound of a 2 cyl. John Deere! Quite a few were around my area when I was growing up. It is my understanding that they were also very fuel efficient in their day.
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    The Best SAE 30 Diesel Engine Oil

    Are your two model 60's "all fuel" models? That is can they run on gasoline, kerosene, and or diesel?
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    Fram Ultra Oil Filters : Best Place To Buy ?

    Oops, I meant the Extra Guard that is part no. PH9688. The vast majority of the Fram PH series filters are usually priced at $3.98, at least at my local Lowes. A couple are higher (normally $5.98) including the PH9688, and the PH12060 for example
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    Fram Ultra Oil Filters : Best Place To Buy ?

    Lowes has them, and they are on sale for $3.98 this month. The XG 9688 is normally $5.68 at Lowes. Just bought one this morning at an Augusta GA area Lowes.
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    2021 Ford Escape - first big problem

    This kind of thing (parts on back order) is probably going to get worse before it gets better.
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    So if you dont like changing oil at least a little bit why are you here ?

    Yes, they are a lifesaver for older knees Got a slightly smaller version similar to yours.
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    Aircraft pollution emission control

    For years now fossil fuel passenger vehicles have been under emissions control reduction policies (stricter over time) by various government agencies. Then it was heavy trucks, heavy construction machinery, and such. Costs and reliability issues have arisen from these emission control...
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    1980 Chrysler Cordoba

    Sharp looking!
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    Denver and Rio Grand Western railroad.

    I would love to see a Shay type locomotive in operation. Definitely a different cup of tea compared to a conventional side rod type steam locomotive.
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    Denver and Rio Grand Western railroad.

    I've ridden a few steam locomotive powered excursion trains over the years, but all were in the eastern US. My dad (96 yrs. old) was a locomotive engineer on the Seaboard Air Line RR many years ago. During his beginning employment, steam locomotives were the order of the day. By the time he...
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    Insane Used Car Prices (KIA is even participating)

    If I took this exact same vehicle to a dealer in my area they would probably offer me $5000 straight sale for it, if the dealer was in a good mood. Sure am glad I don't need another vehicle at the moment.
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    What are you working on today?

    Rotated tires on 06 Elantra. Ended up having to replace a rear wheel stud/lug nut during the job. Checked with 3 parts stores before I found the stud and nut in stock, Napa, no go, Auto Zone, no go, Oreilly's came through this time.