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    Five Euro Car Myths?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by ragtoplvr</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I have always been impressed at how European cars, particularly MB and Audi, seem to know if you did all the required service on time, and then fail in expensive ways if you...
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    Advance Auto now selling Die Hard Batteries

    how do waranttes compare on the EP? if better is the warrantee better?
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    What type of cheese is everyone into?

    Iberico from trader joe
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    New truck, change oil early?

    what does Toyota say? their trucks seem to last. their 2019 rav4s are first changed at 10,000 miles
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    What would keep a new head gasket from sealing?

    did the 3800s have the plastic intake manifolds that leaked? my aged mom had one the dealer charged a bunch to fix
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    2009 Impala blend door actuator?

    seems a lot of GM blend door issues
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    Best Toilets in 2020?

    Terry Love, a plumber, has a big web site on choosing toilets. a plumber friend told me many people did not like the higher heigth toilets and had him take them out.
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    [Cut Open] FRAM Force FF7317 (Virgin)

    too many choices. like sizes of car batteries- too many. and how many brands of led light bulbs, maybe made in same factory in china, to confude the consumer?
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    [Cut Open] FRAM Force FF7317 (Virgin)

    where is this relative to fram ultra?
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    From golden to dark immediately!?

    how would you mark a drain plug to tell if it had been removed for an oil change?? put a tiny blob of grease where plug is, by the oil pan? First oil change on toyotas is 10k so if it does get missed, (not changed) its a 20000 mile run to the "next" change?
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    Water Meter Reading Help

    first step is leak check. put tape on gage and mark the pointer for an hour or two or 3 to see if it moves
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    2006 Sentra - Dipstick handle broke and stick went down the tube

    old gm v8 had a pressed in dip stick????
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    New Vehicle Oil Change

    2019 rav 4 has a 10,000 miles first change (hybrid) most toyotas last a long time