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    California. PGE. Windy day. ;) Ed
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    Why 10K Miles Oil change may not be good!

    API exempts 0W-16 and 0W-20 from the TEOST 33C Hight Temperature Deposit test. I don't find it a coincidence that may engines(especially Japanese) running 0W-20 end up oil burning POSs due to gunked up rings. See page 11 of this document to confirm...
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    Talk Some Sense into an Oil Thickie?

    The minimum viscosity of the 20 grade is wrong in this chart. It is 6.9. 5.6 is an out of date value. Ed
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    Replenishing an Additive Package

    Sigh. Here we go again with that pre-detonation thing. I see a number of members using the term "pre-detonation" when referring to pre-igniton or detonation. Pre-ignition is what happens in an internal combustion engine when fuel is ignited by a hot spot prior to the desired ignition point...
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    Macbook Air battery weirdness

    I put one of these in my mid 2013 Air with good results. Ed
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    Project Farm - Tests Pennzoil Motor Oil

    Here's the CCS data. The Platinum PDS was scrambled on the Pennzoil site. PQIA had the Platinum CCS data tested in 2020, the same year as the PDS for the oils. The full synthetic PDS did not include MRV. The first number is the oil's finish in the "race". The second is CCS. The cold pour was...
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    Thinking on a new Kioti sub-compact

    A co-worker bought one 10-12 years ago under the Bobcat name. 4wd with a front loader. He bought it to primarily clear his driveway of snow. He found out the hard way that the differential was under engineered. If you turned the front wheels with a full loader on pavement that had been...
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    William Dale Fries Jr., aka C.W. McCall passed away at 93

    This is one of my favorites. "Comin' Back For More". Ed
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    Can oil grade impact cam phasing?

    If you look at the current SAE J300 vs the one before SAE 16 was added, you'll see that the minimum viscosity for SAE 16 is higher than the old minimum for SAE 20. That was done at manufacturer's request to address that exact issue. Ed
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    Table salt vs kosher salt

    I put some JT Baker Ultrapure NaCl on a hard boiled egg once. It didn't taste like salt. It had a nasty, and I mean nasty, metallic taste. It's the impurities in table salt that make it edible. I like the Redmond Real Salt. They tell you what's in it...
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    Mary Barra takes first ride in driverless car.

    "Google" says Arizona has 2.4 million registered vehicles and has 600 self driving cars. The math says that human drivers would have to kill 17 times as many pedestrians as they do to be as dangerous as self driving cars. Ed
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    Polish Mig-29 caught…

    The engines don't appear to be running either, based on the complete lack of distortion in the background. Ed
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    Mary Barra takes first ride in driverless car.

    They will only be as good as the boneheads programing them. Case in point; programed to roll stop signs. Ed
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    Does gasoline really burn off of oil?

    Flash point is the lowest temperature the vapors of a flammable compound will ignite when an ignition source is introduced. Vapor pressure is the correct term for what is being discussed. Ed
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    Mixing viscosities and or brands OK or NO?

    Here's what Mobil has to say on the subject: Ed