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    Click noise when I turn my AC on or off.

    I have a 2001 pontiac grand prix 3800 v6. When I turn my AC off or ON, I hear a click. Is this anything to worry about?
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    Valvoline Cash back is back

    I bought 5 quarts high mileage blend for $16.97 from Walmart. I uploaded the order a week ago, I didn't get any reply. Is Walmart purchase not part of this rebate?
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    Fuel pump lifetime

    I recently changed my fuel pressure sensor in my 2001 Pontiac grandprix with 118k miles. I am wondering if this is a sign that my fuel pump will go bad soon. Does anyone ever had their fuel pump go bad after their fuel pressure sensor stopped working.
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    New 2023 Chevy Colorado

    4 cylinder turbo with DFM what could go wrong!
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    Why The Distaste For The Tiguan?

    VW commercial says Tiguan and Atlas has the lowest maintenance cost than any other SUVs. Do not how true is that!
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    My neighbor bought a new car.

    There are people who would replace their cars for a slightest inconvenience like check engine light, new battery or worn out brakes.
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    Toyota studied million-mile Tundra while developing new model

    The new model has too many problems. They lost their edge on reliability. I wonder if the new land cruisers have the same problems.
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    My neighbor bought a new car.

    That's my point she gave up on a tank just because it had a bad battery.
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    My neighbor bought a new car.

    So my neighbor replaced her 4runner and bought a new RAV4 because her battery died. Some people just buy new car for stupid reasons.
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    Are you a Gambler?

    I put money in crypto in 2021, I am at 80% down on investment. It is wild west of gambling.
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    Any cars you regret buying? - My '14 CR-V experience

    Does anyone regret buying Ram 1500 V6? Ram dealers are the only one in my area willing to negotiate price below MSRP.
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    2022 Mobil1 Annual Rebate 7/1/2022 to 9/30/22

    I don't see this rebate on official Mobil website. Is this available on the official website?
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    Can thicker oil prevent rocker arm failures in Pentastar 3.6 V6?

    You have a point. Stop and go traffic, extended OCI on promaster could cause engine failures.
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    Can thicker oil prevent rocker arm failures in Pentastar 3.6 V6?

    Is it true that there are more engine failures in the promaster van than say in Ram 1500?