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    Features you've discovered about your car after a year or more

    last year, I found out that the '00 Sonata, I Sold in 2010 had a Cabin Filter. I owned that car from Aug. '01-Feb.'10, put over 100k mi on it.... never new it was there... that might explain some noises from the blower every now and again...sounded like leaves getting ground up...
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    Chevron is selling products on line at a discount.

    not in my neck of the woods... in fact i can't think of the last time I saw Havoline in a store....
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    Just might need to replace this tire.

    yeah, my brother is the same...his garage queen 98 mustang is still on the factory rubber. in fact the ONLY parts that aren't factory (aside from oil and filter obvs.) are the battery and fuel pump...the original had varnished up from sitting....guess what's happened since he replaced it...more...
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    Stock and Field (Formerly Big R) Closing all Stores

    just got an Email from Stock and Field, apparently they've Filed for Chapter 11, and as part of it, they've Decided to close all Stores. (granted they only have 25). not terribly surprising, as when i stopped in to my local a few days before Christmas, the Mens Pants Section was pretty near...
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    2021 Supra 3.0 Premium

    re: the fake vents... they are all 100% convertable to functioning vents. the plastics blocking them are just held in with screws. this was a design consideration Toyota insisted upon. edit: nope... I was wrong... sorry...
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    Brands You Miss

    Why? Mind you I've never seen any movie, no tv series....
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    Using External Router on a Combo Modem/Router ???

    This is exactly how my "network" is set up. 2 Identical Routers, flashed to DD-WRT, and then set up they way overkill described... it's worked for me for....10+ years now.... (Current hardware since...mid 2015)
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    Using External Router on a Combo Modem/Router ???

    nope. nokia has nothing to do with it. Jan 2011, Old Motorola Split in to two companies: -Motorola Mobility ( consumer hardware mobile Phones, Cable modems/Routers, Set-top boxes etc) -Motorola Solutions,(enterprise hardware) May 2012, Google buys Motorola Mobility, and quickly sells the Non...
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    Do you bank with an "online" bank only? How do you like it?

    Ditto, sorta... I bank with PNC, but where I live the nearest branch is an hour away. I opened the account when 1) it was National City, 2) I lived in a Bigger city with many branches. In fact i think the branch I actually opened the account at closed in the last couple years.... I've had no...
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    Brands You Miss

    Oldsmobile, My grandpa was an Olds guy, and His Last Car was my First. 1987 Olds Ninety-Eight Regency Brougham. unfortunately, that was also around the time they killed the brand... I should have Follwed his pattern*, and Replaced the 87, with a 97, but they ended Production with the 96 model...
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    Hopping a 737 Today. Haven’t Flown Commercially since 2002.

    so, even though it's a 737, the fact that you said you're flying to DFW tells me it's not likely Southwest. (their whole Fleet is 737's, but they fly out of LUV ( Love Field, close to downtown Dallas) leaving me to guess either Delta, or American... depending on how early you set off from...
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    Will BMW ever bring back European delivery?

    a while back, when my buddy's Little Bro was Stationed in S.Korea for a while, and in need of a decent vehicle back stateside, I wondered if Hyundai/Kia had a similar option, but never got around to bothering looking into it... he was sent back to Ft.Hood back in April, and had his neon (My old...
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    Ford Mustang Mach-E

    the more i see of this car, the more i think it looks too much like a CX-9....( I used to say the Jag i-pace) granted, i've not seen them side by side, or even a Mach-E, or i-Pace in person at all....
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    What's with all of the plastic trim on vehicles these days?

    yep. i used to date a girl whose parents were legal car thieves.( IE: Repo "men") now her dad used to be the other kind of car thief... but he reformed...