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    Sony 75" 4K Android Smart TV - Review

    I purchased a 65" Sony about a year and half ago and I haven't had any of those issues. I stream Pandora and watch a lot of movies off Amazon and never had it crash. I also have a Logitech remote that controls every thing so I can't comment on the remote. I agree the picture is fantastic and it...
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    Good Story of The Day. Randy Bachman is Reunited with his Lost Guitar.

    Listening to Pandora and No Sugar Tonight just came on. Big fan of them as well.
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    Is this mpg right?

    I've done this with my Lucerne and the computer always reads a little higher than what I figure but there are so many variables it's hard to say. With gas prices the way they are I"m going with the computer, makes me feel better.
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    TPMS Anomaly?

    Lot of people here don't bother to fix their TPMS when they stop working but I think it's one of the better safety features you can have. I figure it could save me the cost of a new tire if I can get pulled over fast enough not to ruin one, plus I don't always walk around and check my tires...
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    Next New Oil You Will Try ?

    Going back to a blend, probably Maxlife red. Since I switched to synthetic my car has been using a little, only halfish qt a year at 3k. I've tried Valvoline Advanced twice, Maxlife FS and currently have Castrol FS which seems to be using more, it's used a half qt and I'm not even half way...
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    Now this is different

    No doubt, I had a 67 with the small back window, I really wish I still had it. I also owned a 69 (GMC), 70, 71 and 72 4x4.
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    Your definition of “basic hand tools”

    Four-in-one screw driver, pliers, baling wire, roll of duct tape and what did he call it, oh ya Mr. Plastic.
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    Never owned any BITCOIN or the like- but BTC in the high 18k this morning

    I don't think we are quite there yet. What scares me is if you lose your card or passcode there would be no way to recover your money because it's not tied to a bank or credit account...
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    Coors Light made with the ice the AV's won the cup on!

    I toured the Coors Brewery back in the 90's. Part of the tour crossed over a creek than ran through the brewery and it was nothing I would want to drink.
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    Discount Tire 4th of July Sale

    Having to ship a tire back for warranty would take the savings away pretty fast. Found it from the Manufacturer's Warranty provides coverage/warranty against product defects only. Warranties are determined and provided by manufacturers. All other warranties do...
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    Oh, Volare'

    In 1982 I dated a girl that had a 76 T-top Aspen with a 318, I really liked that car, in fact when we broke up I missed the car more than I did her.
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    Searching on Google for parts has become nearly useless.

    May want to look at this, it appears they are hooked up with Microsoft trackers but still better than Google. For you pet lovers.
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    I saw the new Elvis movie. My "review"

    I thought he did a good job in "3000 Miles to Graceland", but I like that movie and Courtney Cox in her Daisy Dukes.
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    CO2 and old cars

    Before the invention of fire of course 🔥
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    CO2 and old cars

    "The fully electric Polestar 2, for example, is said to create 26 tonnes of CO2 during its production process alone – an emissions figure that would take a typical classic car 46 years to match". Does this include the CO2 it created when it was manufactured or just driving it for 46 years? I...