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    HPL Euro 0w20: run it in a BMW B48, or in 2014 Accord?

    I would have no problem using HPL Euro 0W-20 in a BMW B48 (LL-14 FE+).
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    Does anyone else lament the demise of the V8?

    The sound of a V8 with the power of a 4 cylinder.
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    Product similar to Wesley’s bleach white

    What’s wrong with the current Bleche-Wite product? Branding is now Black Magic instead of Westley’s.
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    Got a crazy offer for our Minivan.

    Why is that funny? I would be laughing at the one who actually bought an Explorer for $56k.
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    SK tools **everything** OUT OF STOCK!

    They are supposedly filling orders to the wholesale suppliers. And they are filling warranty claims as well. Seems the webstore is the low priority for them.
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    2022 Mazda CX-9 - HPL PCMO 10W-20 - 7,211 Miles

    Whether it was 1/2 quart or 1 quart, that's not bad for 7,200 miles on these engines. I've noticed they tend to use some oil, even those made well before the TSB notice on consumption.
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    BMW E90 Ceramic Brake pads?

    The sensors are usually reasonably accurate, but nothing replaces putting your eyes on them. I rotate my tires every 7500 miles, so I inspect the brake pads at each wheel then.
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    BMW E90 Ceramic Brake pads?

    The rears on my E90 wore out first as well. I used the standard Jurid pads as replacement and have noticed less dust. There is still dust, just less of it and probably not quite as dark. Fronts will get either Jurid or OE BMW, have not decided yet. They are getting close, probably 10k more...
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    Filter pictures HPL 0W30 6,000 miles, 2002 Volvo XC70

    Appreciate you sharing this. Even on car engines that should be fairly clean, its a good idea to change the filter early if using the HPL products. The Euro 0W-30 looks to be good stuff. C3 rated with good TBN.
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    BMW E90 Ceramic Brake pads?

    The reviews on FCP seem to be positive for those TRW Ultra Ceramic pads. I messaged with them a while back, and they stated the pads have 80-90% of the cold bite compared to the OE or OEM pads and that customers have liked the pads better than Akebono. I will also note the standard Jurid...
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    BMW E90 Ceramic Brake pads?

    The brake pad sensors are accurate sometimes. My replacement hasn't been very accurate, although the originals were accurate.
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    Filter pictures HPL 0W30 6,000 miles, 2002 Volvo XC70

    This 0W-30 is the Euro C3 version, not the A3/B4 SuperCar 0W-30?
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    BMW E90 Ceramic Brake pads?

    Akebono Euro are not good. I might consider the TRW ceramic that FCP offers. That said, I use OE BMW pads and deal with the dust. BMW brakes are excellent, and I want to keep it that way.
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    Vehicle Sighting - 1970ish Ford F-100

    The 250 was an entirely different (and much better) engine than the Stovebolt engines (1962 and earlier 216, 235, 261 and their predecessors).
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    Neglected 183k Mile BMW N51 (pic)

    I would try a couple of short runs (1000 miles) with Mobil 1 0W-40 or 5W-40. Then maybe use the HPL 30 engine cleaner over a longer oci of M1 0W-40, maybe 2000 miles. For all of these, keep an eye on the filter, or just replace frequently since easy to access. I would stay away from the BG...