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    A freshly detailed 2017 Jaguar XF S

    You would have to see their car before accepting their offer.
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    How often do you wash your car?

    I was thinking the same thing as I was reading his post. Another case of Great Minds.... Happy New Year everyone.
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    Warning message (oil needs changing)

    What you are seeing is the Oil Life Monitor -( OLM ) doing what it is designed for. As Pim Tac posted, "Read your Owner's Manual." Your oil has likely also done it's designed duty and is time for a change. The guys are not giving you a hard time. It is not personal.
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    Lump or Briquets

    And always use Strickland propane accessories ! !
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    Shooting some more hard drives

    I thought this was about Golf.
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    I miss you _______ on my new car.

    Round tuner knobs for radio and heater controls.
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    Extreme Mechanical Mishaps

    Til today...
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    Hot tea time : What's your favorite(s) ?

    Black Yorkshire Red Once a day, Early evening.
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    Username Meaning

    I like to watch the Ballet " the Nutcracker " each Christmas Season. Drosslemier is the Watchmaker. No other reason.
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    Life goes on

    NHL starts again 1August in Toronto and Edmonton.
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    TV help needed

    may be the Pic off Timer led is on . May have set a timer to power the set for a program.
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    Any paratroopers here?

    Looks like you have it now. Welcome fellow veteran.