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    When do you guys change tires - wear bar, etc

    same here. lighter cars seem to hydroplane easier in my experience. Whenever on a really rainy day I feel that occasional slip when hitting a puddle I know it's time to start looking for new ones.
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    Vaseline to lube my rubber..

    I’ve lived way too many decades near the Canadian Border and sticking doors never happened to me. Once in a while it lets go with a noise but has never done any damage or caused any issues. It sounds like your seal is soft and porous allowing water to freeze to it . You might try spray in...
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    The Silverado saga continues!

    Nope it won’t do it guaranteed. I’ve been washing all mine down regularly far more underneath than topside since the early 80s and they sill rust to crap here in lovely Newyorkistan. Maybe if you wash it every day you drive it perhaps but who does that...... I even use a wand I made...
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    Most aggressive wheel cleaner for painted alloy wheels? (Or DIY formula?)

    My buddy showed me a bottle of some special $30 / 6 Oz. wheel cleaner he got from anLincoln dealer. i smelled it and looked at it thinking it reminded me of the same cheap Painters phosphoric acid that I use on rusty steel. I went and got my spray bottle and sprayed mine on another...
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    1997 Chevy Z71 350 Vortec 160,000 miles, under the valve cover

    That all comes at a heavy price In the questionable long term reliability. 40 years since they invented AFM and all the other makes versions that came after and look at all the problems they still have. Oil guzzling and wiped cams aren’t all that uncommon. Honestly, if you use a truck...
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    Tools that that you thought were stupid to buy when you bought them and now can’t live without.

    Funny, I’ve had a set if Craftsman since the early 90s. I tried to like them ......on many occasions but I never found an actual use that something else didn’t do better😞
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    Best adhesive for this plastic repair?

    Glue won’t work long if at all. Me I’d leave the good tab and make a new one from a similar piece of steel. something thin like flashing or a dog food can cut out. Make it the same size as the original ( both ears together). Bend to shape then glue and screw to attach to the good ear...
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    Unbelievable story

    Considering the region this crime took place this perp will probably be back out on the street before victims heart rate comes back to normal. 🦨. It’ll all be reduced to ......some sort of 🤗” misunderstanding”
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    Nissan Kicks SUV long distance rental

    Nissan:unsure: what’s a Nissan? Oh yea they. Once were the Datsun company that made simple bulletproof cars. Why the body would rot right off before the even started burning any oil and everybody loved them. They ran forever. Oh how the mighty have fallen:poop:
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    B-17 Bomber on display

    ive wandered around inside a couple. The first thing I noticed how hard it would be for the 2 pilots to get out. That canopy is fixed at least in the 2 I looked at. You got to go back to the bomb bay or worse forward through that tiny hole between the pilots feet to the nose . Then...
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    What IS different about starters used in auto start/stop equipped engines?

    I agree . Just more $$$$ to break down I do have auto hi beams on the Camray and absolutely love them.
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    2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T or 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP for daily driver?

    you’re right it was all those Theta 2;engines that are pretty much junk. They had an 1800 that has similar DOA issues with the Tick Of Death . I would equally avoid those too, Many times they will goodwill another long after out of warranty but they have no obligation.
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    Why would a tire come off?

    Stripped and mangled threads means Some Boob Spun them down and forgot to tighten them down. Snapped cleanly off and all likelihood it’s going to mean somebody got really frisky with a higher than normal pneumatic air gun. Something like a two stage air compressor. One of mine tried...
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    Dual Clutch Transmission vs. Conventional Automatic

    when did you ever see one of those die that wasn’t hammered mercilessly by a teenager? before that there was the 2 speed power glide . Nothing sexy but what it took to kill one was amazing!
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    Bad Catalyst? Corrosion Strategies?

    In all the decades of old junkers in the rust belt I’ve never seen any of mine with a rotted cat. Almost all had the heat shield mount let go and rattle a lot. The one I did see had something break loose inside and rattle. That was an 03 Silverado with low miles but hammered to bits...