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    Why are you here?

    Because I have no life.
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    XM or Sirius?

    I have sirius in my car and am one of the first guys to get it new in 02'. A few of the sat only talk radio shows have cuss words in them like the Jay Thomas and the Mike Church show. The Mike Church show is like a mix between Glen Beck and Howard Stern, mixing politics with things guys like to...
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    My daily drivers

    Eric, sorry for my reply that was in bad taste. I will remove myself as a member.
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    Split rims on old trucks and trailers

    Whats the deal about them being so dangerous?
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    Honda Pilot VS. Toyota Highlander

    Sounds silly, I would drive used models of both to see how they are with a few miles on them.
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    These are some crazy SOB's

    This video has been on the net for years now.
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    Katrina Spending not Funded

    Im reffering to my grandchildern as I was born in the 70's.
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    Katrina Spending not Funded

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. We as a nation are going to be more like europe. Expect our grandchildern to earn and have the buying power of 70% of what we enjoy now.
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    lifetime oil filter

    I checked the filter out on the above link. The 1-2 mpg claim falls under the saying if it sounds to good to be true, it probabally is.
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    No smoking in the workplace

    Where I work, they shocked the smokers by having a surprise meeting at the start of the shift by announcing, from this point on, smoking in this building will not be tolorated due to the new city ordinance. Managment didnt keep tabs on the new ordinance and presumed because were not a restaurant...
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    Favorite oil for a Quad OHC?

    Do you have the rare SOHC or the more common DOHC? I would use an inexpensive 5w30 dino like Havoline or even SuperTech @ wally-world. Synthetic is a waste in those engines as you are lucky to get 125k on one without it blowing a head gasket and warping the head.
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    Cam2 motor oil

    Pour point of -49F for the 5W20 oil, they claim.
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    IRS Changes Mileage Rate

    This a a huge insult to some. lease truck drivers and owner operators are the proof by this they are getting shafted royally and trucking needs to go back to being regulated. I talk to many of these drivers and they get a whopping $.90-1.05 cents per mile with the fuel surcharge added. On top...
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    What the heck?

    Mods, eliminate this topic because if you click on the link it the department of homeland security says your IP address has been recorded and no one needs that.
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    What the heck?

    WARNING! The above link was closed by the department of homeland security and you will have an FBI file created on you?