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    Help Me Build a Cheap Waste Oil Filter!

    Assuming a filter one without and ADBV as you will be flowing in the opposite direction
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    Help Me Build a Cheap Waste Oil Filter!

    I would get an Large Cheap oil filter, A piece of pipe 1 foot or longer that the threads into the oil filter then cut a hole on the bottom of your bucket, get an adapter that can seal the bottom of the bucket with the pipe hang it over another bucket and just dump your oil and let gravity filter...
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    2021 Mobil 1 Rebate

    Meh, 10 quarts Max that is not even 2 oil changes for me. I guess better than nothing.
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    2019 Odyssey Elite - Dealer used wrong transmission fluid

    T I know the MSDS says clear but 3.1 Fluid has a very noticeable green tint to it.
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    Toyota 5.7L burning oil

    Thread Update! I’m totally stumped closing in on 1500 miles since oil change Oil is super dark but barely moved on dipstick. Pulled the plugs and they are all nice and tan colored. I would have expected them to have some carbon with the amount of consumption. Can find a leak either 🤷‍♂️. I...
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    2019 Odyssey Elite - Dealer used wrong transmission fluid

    Yes the 3.1 fluid is really rebadged ZF fluid for the 9 speeds only. 2.0 fluid is for the 10 speeds. A lot of people myself included have used maxlife in place of the dw1, z-1 and 3.1 fluids with no ill effects. Not sure about the 2.0 fluid as it is fairly new. I don’t think you would have a...
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    10w-30 or 25w-40 oil for 150 pro xs

    only thing special with FC-W ratings is the test for rust protection FC-W requirement for NOACK is 22% or less. Unless you are in salt water run a HDEO and be done with it
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    New Pistons - Oil consumption better but, not great?

    This! Why would OP tell sister valve covers were lose? This is why a lot of people do not like to do favors for family. This would have cost OP a significant amount of money if he had it done at a shop. He should be grateful to his BIL!
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    200,000 miles is in fact rare, only 1% of vehicles reach it

    This! I don’t even think about getting rid of a car until it crosses the 200K miles mark. I currently have two in the fleet that are over 220K and still going strong. With maintenance 200K is easy to reach.
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    Dw-1 with lubeguard red?

    I would do 3x D&F with maxlife ATF, adding the full lubeguard amount at the end. On one vehicle the fluid was still "dirty after" 3X D&F, it took 4 changed to make the fluid nice and RED. Then on your next oil changes do the D&F with DW-1 and lube guard if you are worried about the...
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    DCT fluid

    There is a way a TORX T-50 socket for and an 8mm allen socket should do the trick. You have to take the driver front wheel out to get the fill hole and may need a swivel or wobble.
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    DCT fluid

    I may use it anyway what the heck the car is old and any fluid is probably better then the "lifetime factory fill" at this point. Ford already said it would this car is past any warranty claims and the lawsuit did not apply to it, Valvoline DCT Viscosity seems to match the Amalie fluid which...
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    DCT fluid

    Kind of funny for a company the makes an ATF that is "recommended for use" in just about every transmission.
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    DCT fluid

    I I just called Valvoline and they said their fluid is specifically NOT recommended for the GETRAG 6DCT250. Are they trying to cover the rear ends since this is such a problematic transmission that they do not want to be blamed?
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    DCT fluid

    Thanks! I had already received the case of 6 of valvoline DCT and had cracked open one of the bottles out of curiosity. I would not be able to return it if it were the wrong fluid.