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    Water Spot Removal

    I‘d be worried about what that acid is doing to my house paint.
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    How Are Mazda CX-3's

    Agree. Mazda 3 sedan / hatch or CX30, the CX5 is a little bigger exterior wise. The CX3 would be easiest to park but after that it has its shortcomings as noted above. I’m thinking CX30 myself, either that or VW Golf, which of course has its own set of issues. Probably go a Mazda, I’ve had 4...
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    Drivers in 70+ Age Group Safer Than 35-54 Age Group

    No matter the age, defensive driving is the key.
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    The great burger thread

    Courtesy of kate.ovens on Instagram
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    King of steaks grill pics

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    Syntec is Back...

    If it’s not made by Castrol I’m thinking they’ll raise some sand over using a copyrighted name.
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    How are the Mazda SKYACTIV transmissions?

    C&D, Consumer Reports and others seem to like it concerning driving dynamics. Reliability wise I haven’t read anything bad, and I hang out on Mazda forums regularly. I’d take it over a cvt any day!
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    Thanks to the members here for their wisdom

    I posted a health question here a while ago concerning my hyperthyroid problem. The link is here: The advice to get a second opinion was spot on! I wound up going to Houston to get a total...
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    Am I wasting money with Amsoil/Schaeffers?

    I just use whatever Castrol has and call it a day. So far, so good.
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    Valvoline 75w140 is fine.
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    Cylinder wall treatment for Porsche?

    ZeeOSix you’re right! I had a ’73 Vega and drove it 60k trouble free miles before trading it in on a Camaro. Never used oil.
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    Do you still wrench while injured?

    Does working on your car with arthritis count? If so, yes. Right thumb is painful, my right shoulder is hamburger meat. I’m shot, but I still carry on....
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    Cylinder wall treatment for Porsche?

    I can’t think of a single reason to use this technology over steel cylinder liners, except weight savings. Saving weight in the bore area of an engine, especially a Porsche engine, seems insane to me. Steel liners add maybe 6lbs to an engine (guessing); I’ll take the extra weight gain to improve...
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    Is Japan the last bastion for affordable enthusiast sports cars?

    It’s a lot more fun driving a slow car (like the Miata) fast than driving a fast car fast - less tickets or jail time.