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    List your personal top ten overrated musicians/ groups

    Billie Eilish, Fun, Cardi B, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kanye, 21 Savage,
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    2020 Ford F-150 5.0L XLT - Rental Review

    Nick, glad to see you posting! We have a few F150s in the family, and I will tell you that I 100% agree with all of your Pros. However, you are correct about some of your complaints being fixed with a higher trim. We have an XLT with the 9 speaker optional system and it actually sounds decent...
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    Would you really help out a STRANGER Jump Start / Change Flat Tire / Buy Gas ?

    If I 'pay' for someone's gas, I will be pumping it myself directly into their car or prepaying indoors. I will never hand ANYONE cash or use online money services to do so. Unfortunately I have learned this lesson the hard way. Not to mention, that gas is a very frequently requested item from...
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    I Don’t like the new KIA logo

    I hate it as well. It looks like they had a contest of high school students in graphic design make it, and vote among themselves. Not a complement. It absolutely ruins the new Telluride. Still, I don't understand the obsession of the K emblem from overseas either. It doesn't change the fact...
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    Mechanic Tears Down 300,000-Mile Toyota Prius Engine, Carbon Buildup Galore

    Do you have posts about these two cars for the past? I would like to think this is a joke.
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    08 Camry V6, 132K, Valve Covers removed

    Wow. Impressive for 55k of conventional with 5K OCIs!
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    Enzymatic urine cleaner

    I just used Tide powder and some STPP mixed and mopped the floor the night before, then bleached it the following morning. We never had issues after placing laminate.
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    0W-8 is here: JASO GLV-1

    Imagine if a Metro was retrofitted with a new 1 liter 3 cylinder and CVT. Efficiency would be crazy good. All the new safety advancements and requirements add a bunch of weight that lower mileage quite a bit.
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    Most durable wool blend socks?

    Agreed with the Costco wool socks. I have had mine for two years and always wash them on hot and dry them. They are still like new. Not to mention cheap!
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    Car speakers

    I replaced the midrange speakers in the hybrid after just a few days. Much better sound. I would imagine just replacing the stock tweeters would make a large improvement, though will not address everything. As someone else mentioned, a subwoofer makes a world of difference. Though, products like...
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    Can I put 0w20 in 2AZ-FSE (Toyota 2.4L 4cyl 2005 Scion tc) normally runs 5w30

    There were changes to the engine around 2006, though I can not say if it was used in all models. This engine increased compression, used a different intake cam, and added piston oil squirters.
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    Post your latest oil change

    15 Camry Hybrid - 85K Out: M1 0W40 In: M1 EP HM 0W20 Filter: Fram Ultra Decided to go thin this time. The car will sit outside this winter and is being driven for longer periods of time, so MPG gain would be welcome.
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    Michelin CrossClimate2 Installed

    I wouldn't consider them overkill. Dry braking and handling is great. They ride well and are quiet enough in my experience. Treadwear has been good, too. If there is the odd chance of rain, these tires perform great. Again, I prefer knowing the tire is up to the task. I specifically chose...
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    Costco Gas - Very much worth the membership cost.

    Fortunately, we have a Costco fairly close by. I will admit that it is typically all I run in the Hybrid. However, I also hate the stereotypical Costco member. Clueless, slow, cheap, and typically self-absorbed. Though, I love the place, especially for gas. Top Tier that is usually 30 cents...
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    2001 Toyota Avalon - 1MZ-FE engine......"cleaning oil"

    I am usually conservative when it comes to certain things, however, in this case I would actually replace the oil pan and at least the front valve cover. This would remove the junk from the oil pan, but also get rid of extra crap that the new oil would work on and distribute throughout the...