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    Converting 1970 396 to Fuel Injection

    I have 69 and 71 SS 396 camaros, both 4 speeds. They have the original quadrajets, with epoxied fuel bowls and bushed throttle shafts. Both have Crane 272 cams. They run fantastic, good economy and performance. I would never pay $$$ for the hassle of aftermarket FI with all sorts of sensors...
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    Giving up on Ford - too many problems, need suggestions

    I would go with Hyundai or Kia, Ford has been pushing junk, especially the Exploders, since 1996 till new. Toyota is taking advantage of their rep some also, Not fond of any other domestics made since 2006 either. I like the look of the telluride also, sharp!
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    Please help me choose my next vehicle?

    2012 or newer hyundai Tuscon 4 cylinder, the bigger one, 2.4 I think. I fit in it and am 6'6" rides great, has a reliable and proven engine and trans.
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    What oil and filter for 2012 Hyundai Tuscon 4 cylinder in Florida

    It has under 13k miles, will be driven around town and infrequent highway driving. Mostly daily driver. In Central Florida.
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    Walmart HD SAE30 Okay for mowers? 30-CF

    I just ordered and received a 2 gallon jug of the 30 cf from walmart. It was on sale around $18, regular price is too high for me. This is ideal IMO for small engines in Florida. Like generators and mowers. 2 gallons lasts a long time too. Great in generators. Any multi weight seems to...
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    Dealer bulk oil

    Like the other post said, lubricant fraud is rampant at dealerships and quick lube places. Here in Florida you can get cheap 55 gallon drums of oil that just says the weight and the api rating, it comes through the port of Miami. With so many dealerships doing free oil changes for life, they...
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    1st Oil Change.....Break In Oil?

    Like other posts state, the first oil change should be the most contaminated one an engine will ever have. It will have sand from the sand casting, and all sorts of metal particles from everything taking a set. My family used to have a machine shop rebuilding mostly inboard marine gas...
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    I bought a fuel injection cleaning canister..thinking what to use

    I use the OTC stuff, it comes in a metal can its so strong, it does the job well. Have used it for years.
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    New Hyundai Elantra tell me all I need to know

    Thanks for the replies. What I meant wanting it to last and not having to work on it means I have to fix whatever breaks. I do it all myself. Her last POS was a LIberty, had to change a head gasket then less than 1000 miles later the transmission quit. Something broke loose inside and it...
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    Why would 10w burn more than 5w?

    I have experienced oil comsumption and RMS leaks in several cars after using M1 high mileage. These are cars with high mileage. What used to be a wettish area below the RMS became a line of oil. I have a bunch of it and as I use it up I am switching to plain old shell clean engine dino oil...
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    02 Silverado 5.3L, LT, Low Oil Pressure

    Check the pressure with an aftermarket gauge if possible, but with that many miles its probably time to go to heavier wt oil.
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    alternator croaking on easter vacation

    Looks like you got it done. I have gotten extra life out of alternators spraying wd40 into them aiming at the front and rear bearings. Seems to stop the squeal and maybe liquify old grease in there and make it flow.
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    How much balance weight is too much

    American racing wheels are notorious for being out of balance. If its aluminum try grinding a non critical area from the wheel itself on the heavy side on the back.
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    Ugly rubber/plastic? wheel weights

    Non lead weights are horrible. They weigh less so they are longer which throws the balance off even more. The clip ons are real bad, they are huge. I bring all my wheels in for balance and or mount loose, because shops strip studs and don't torque with a wrench. I clean the backs of the...