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    Filter delivery!

    Get those baseplate bypass filters while you can. My Wix 51516 (NAPA1516) generator filter I used this morning is now dome end bypass valve vs. the baseplate model from last year. The effects of the Mann Hummel purchase of Wix is slowly trickling in with changes and consolidation of filters -...
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    What kind of box is this?

    Do a Google search for "type 3 and type 3R enclosures" Here's a slip-on front cover type. : Others...
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    Tell us about your auto loan...

    That's been one of the negative hallmarks of BITOG for well over 10 years. People with somewhat bigoted opinions insisting that their way is the only way and everyone else is wrong. I.E., comments like "if you can't pay cash, you cannot afford the car", when many in this thread have shown...
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    Which silicone spray have the most % silicone ?

    These better products claim they have no petroleum oils and maybe no solvents, but they do contain petroleum distillates. What are petroleum distillates, and I assume they must be rubber and plastic safe???
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    Tiger Woods seriously hurt

    The news reported that his blood was not tested for drugs/alcohol, claiming there was no evidence to suggest it was needed.
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    packing wheel bearings, and grease fluidity

    Below are pictures of the hub cavity. I was taught decades ago to pack it about 1/4 full on slow moving ag. equipment, but learned later that you are not supposed to on highway vehicles? Now I usually just butter a thin layer of grease inside type any hub cavity to deter rust. Here's a...
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    Hardwood floors vs. LVP

    On a farm, our house gets lived in, so the LVP seems very appropriate. Regarding beveled edges - it seems that it would collect dirt, cake batter, manure, etc. (we have a mud room, but still.....). Anyone with experience about this?
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    Distilled water for cooling....article

    nicholas, That article takes a tidbit of information and turns it into a completely false recommendation regarding vehicle cooling systems. It is true that distilled water (even worse D.I. (deionized) water) "can" be so pure that it is "hungry" for ions. In a plumbing system with pure...
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    stock market

    Thank you gentlemen. - It's tough for a lay person (me) to understand the outcome of a Roth input vs. a *supplemental 403B contribution (tax deduction) that lowers the taxable income. Maybe I should have studied about Roths a little more seriously 10+ years ago when I added them to my...
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    Labor prices at outdoor equip./ small engine shops

    That would make those guys and gals wise people? Goes to show that one shouldn't judge people by their formal education.
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    stock market

    Can you expand on this a bit? I've been talking to several local retirement advisors this past winter (1.5 years away). One advised to cut back on my 403B supplemental input and start building up my Roth IRA instead. I've studied the subject matter (Roths). Many sources say that if you...
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    Fake Pizza

    I suppose people that are vegetarians or very allergic to various ingredients need to find good versions of this type of thing. Or, if you want to attempt to eat more environmentally sustainable, maybe? I noticed that if you ate this entire 19 ounce pizza (not huge), you would have consumed...
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    Mechanic Billed Customer, Did Not Do Any Work

    Tkonrr, Absolutely insist that the current repair order has in writing that the parts removed were OEM and/or worn out. Moving forward, the written word may be the only thing that protects you. Otherwise, it will become a "he said/she said" situation that will not hold up if you take this...
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    Who makes FVP battery?

    Thanks mrsilv04. It seems this vehicle battery manufacturer with a factory in the U.S. (brand new in 2020) was under the radar here at BITOG.
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    The SDS shows it to be 98% isopropyl alchohol. Our gas up here has enough alcohol already.