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    Your Major Annoyances on Your Car!??

    2007 f150... Yes it's a super basic truck but I wish it had a tach. And the fake/blank buttons on the steering wheel where cruise control and audio control could have been bother me. Just omit them entirely... I know it's cost savings so they only need to mold one steering wheel but still. 2010...
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    Does the MY Carfax DIY info show up on a Carfax check?

    Nah it doesn't. It's just a convenience thing for you, doesn't help you at all with resale.
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    Oil Loss Q?

    While I have absolutely no consumption on my Escape running AMSOIL SS 0W-30. Strange.
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    AAA or alternative roadside assistance

    Nah AAA is totally worth it. The DMV services at the AAA offices is an extra perk.
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    What do you really think Fuel system cleaners are for?

    Separating gullible consumers from their money.
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    Different Recommendations for Oil Filter?

    You'll be fine regardless. That extra quarter of a quart of oil and a little extra filter media isn't going to be the difference between an engine that lasts 100k and an engine that lasts 300k.
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    15% off K&N motor oil

    Lol. Hopefully it's not as bad as their filters.
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    Bulk washer fluid at gas station

    Yeah, I'd say I use a few gallons a year per vehicle as well. I mostly get it for free from work though. Whenever we have leaky containers or partial leftovers we use them in the company vehicles and our personal vehicles. I do end up buying it occasionally but that's usually when I need it...
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    Compact jump pack needed.

    I have a small Lithium powered Schumacher from O'Reilly. Absolutely love it. Jumped a dead Camry 4 times in a row today and still had 79% left.
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    Do these autolite double plats need replacement?

    Thanks all I did replace this one which was on cyl3 because I had a p0303. it makes sense this one doesn't look happy because the intake manifold runner control system on this bank was not working. i've fixed that in the mean time. I will replace the rest of them with motorcraft since i used...
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    Do these autolite double plats need replacement?

    Ford 4.2, rough idle, no misfires, no codes. Runs fine at higher rpm. Gap was almost exactly the spec of 0.054.
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    Giving up on Ford - too many problems, need suggestions

    I mean Ford's not perfect but they aren't bad by any means. I've owned three Crown Vics, a 99, 07, and 08. All ran great at time of sale. They did have minor issues but all things considered, the way I abused them, plus two of them being retired cop cars, they too didn't live easy lives. I've...
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    tri coil pack = waste spark?

    Incredible information all. I really appreciate it. Didn't just get an answer - actually learned how and why. Brilliant. Now, one more question... can a bad/worn plug on one end of the system affect the cylinder it's paired with on the coil? Thank you.