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    Hydraulic vs mechanical disc brakes

    Brake Lesson 101 - How would one know they have “quality” mechanical disc brakes versus “cheap” hydraulic disc brakes? Is there a “Bobisthe BikeGuy” forum out there in two-wheeler land?
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    I Used to Visit BITOG Daily

    Indeed, Overkill! Those were the days and certainly when I could sit back, read their constructive posts, and LEARN!
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    Answers - Pennzoil Technology behind "Made From Natural Gas" and Vehicle maintenance while driving less Q&A

    And I thought Pennzoil Ultra Platinum was the “cream of the crop” in their lineup.
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    Aircraft partnership, non flying.

    THIS.....! “.......Don't underestimate your costs or overestimate your return. Another variable is the economy; what will a potential downturn have on the future value of what is a truly if not one of the ultimate discretionary income purchases???” And this........! “Good luck whatever you...
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    Why is it that smoke detectors always seem to get low battery warnings in the middle of the night?

    “Why is it that smoke detectors always seem to get low battery warnings in the middle of the night?” Because that’s when you’re most likely to need that smoke detector to save your life. So, who uses the smoke detector as a cooking timer, you or your wife?
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    Might be owning a Saab soon

    Having leased and maintained a 2002 9-3 SE 5-speed for three years, I wholeheartedly suggest you PAY ATTENTION to what Trav said above. It was a great looking car and fun to drive and even today I sometimes miss it, but I’m glad I returned it at the end of the lease. You might wander over to...
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    RIP Larry King.

    Yeah, Larry always had some interesting, free-flowing interviews. But cut the man some slack about looking old. He had been married eight different times! Now that WILL age you.........
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    Power Lock Plus

    I’ll second that comment........
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    Any Reason To Change Filter Based on Time Only???...

    Don’t change it until it needs to be changed.............
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    Fram Ultra or Hyundai OEM for 5K mile OCI ?

    Is the Ultra as a spin-on filter better (more efficient) than an Ultra in cartridge form?
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    New Pennzoil full synthetic "Black Label"

    Uh, Scuder, That’s a really long drop should Indyfan’s master marketing plan fail. Worse yet (and way OT), did you get a closeup of those cars he might bounce off of, especially that green station wagon?
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    New Pennzoil full synthetic "Black Label"

    1. Good 2. Very Good 3. Excellent 4. Stupid Uh, four, not three. But, I agree with you, my friend. Reality says that when it comes to oil changes and oil selection, most BITOGERs (way) overthink it while 98.264% of the American motoring public DON’T EVER THINK ABOUT IT!
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    Advice on sealing wooden Carriage House (garage) doors

    This is wind-blown water hitting the doors and pooling, right? No issues with the gutters leaking in the area over those doors?
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    New Pennzoil full synthetic "Black Label"

    Wut? The Danville Gazette hasn’t been covering the China virus? We’re working remotely, which means you’re not leaving the metropolis of Danville, IN. I’ll give you three options: 1. Head east on the Ernie Pyle Memorial Highway and work from your new office in the Jiffy Lube located...
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    New Pennzoil full synthetic "Black Label"

    Let’s all congratulate the new Director of Marketing at SOPUS! 👏