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    drying rack / drain rack?

    hey guys just a weird ocd/perfectionist question... i'm looking for a small drying pad. a pad that would allow you to place an oil filter on it, and due to the holes on the pad, the oil filter will slowly drain out. im thinking something the size of a dish washing sponge, but looking for...
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    ring terminals - really?

    so i'm installing a hayden fan temp relay and had some questions. first of all why do they have butt connectors already installed on every single wire? the red power wire wouldn't need a butt connector, cuz wouldnt someone usually just bolt it to the battery with a ring terminal? same goes...
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    ADBV inlet and outlet!?!?

    ok, so i was reading something and this guy says ""Changing the filter in my car to a version with both inlet and outlet anti drain valves made a difference on cold starts after sitting for 2 days, no light tapping for the second after starting."" is this a thing?! i know that some oil filters...
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    OEM Oil Pan Engineering

    why do some manufacturers engineer their oil pans to require a rubber gasket and others require RTV. my two examples are the honda B-series engines that have the rubber gaskets compared to the nissan sr20det engines that call for RTV. is it cost savings or is one a better design than the other?
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    How Do You Keep Your RTV From Drying So Quickly??

    yeah, i'm talking about the automotive stuff. i'll have to try the nozzle cap idea next time. mine only came with this cap. i've had a problem where the cap cracks over time. and i've never dropped the thing. it cracks from just sitting on the shelf!! kinda weird <img...
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    How Do You Keep Your RTV From Drying So Quickly??

    just curious to see if anyone has a clever way of keeping their RTV tubes from drying out as quickly. i don't use RTV that much, so i open up a tube for a job, then the rest usually sits and about the top 1" of it gets dry. same with the small two part epoxy containers. their caps kinda suck...
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    FIrst UOA - QSUD 5w-20 Honda Accord 2006 - 5,788 miles - 1 year OCI

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by Triple_Se7en</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Everything is fine here. But this is the old batch..... probably SN. The QSUD new formula is different and SN Plus / Dexos 1 Gen 2. What oil is inside that engine...
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    FIrst UOA - QSUD 5w-20 Honda Accord 2006 - 5,788 miles - 1 year OCI

    well, just got my first UOA done. hopefully this'll be my last one :P 2006 Honda Accord 4 Cylinder - Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic 139,241 at time of oil drain 5,788 total miles on the oil Oil installed 7-17-17 Oil drain 8-1-18 I followed my OLM, don't remember the exact %...
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    Oil container disposal

    it was bothering me that i was throwing away thick plastic jugs out in the trash...spent couple hours looking online and calling different places to see if they take plastic bottles/jugs that at one point had fresh OR used oil in them, and all of those places either sounded confused or said that...
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    155k miles on 1 Toyota

    how does removing a filter and just blowing it out and putting it back on cause more problems/damage?
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    Fram Ultra with Filter Mag pics

    so we have picture with everything thrown together without any close detailed shots of the filter media, another shot with the surface of the magnets (like we dont know what magnets look like - maybe OP thought the particles were gonna attach to the actual magnet and not the inside of...
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    Meguiar's Ultimate Fast Finish

    i wonder how this compares to the meguiar's hybrid ceramic spray wax
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    LM Ceratec to reduce engine wear

    i'm not understanding what the problem with "falling out of suspension" is. from my understanding the moly will embed into the metals inside the then you might/probably will have moly that doesn't embed into the metals that "falls out of suspension", does that mean it can't get...
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    Drove long time for braums ice cream

    haha double-u tee eff is censored? this is real? you guys must be older or something, or i'm just lazy as fudge. i have a Braums right by me, so i can't relate to that. but In-N-Out is a thing, and i wouldn't drive 3 hours for it. don't get me wrong, i love food, but i guess nothing (as...