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    C&P - 4 filters (Valvoline IOC, Champion, Fram Ultra, Generic Hastings)

    Thanks, good works.. see my :: new Shop went to VALVOLINE SYNTHETIC 5W-30, & FILTER VO58 ( BULK o pak ) :: appears of , less, standard Quality/?. Interestingly , my 2007 4 CYL/ CANYON was perfect with “MOBIL ONE SYNTHETC & Napa GOLD( Wix), or Purolator boss … ?
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    Thanks, see my change to VO 58, VALVOLINE appears not super Robust ?
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    Valvoline VO-148 CUT OPEN

    Thanks, interestingly my new Garage used Filter, VO 58 ( Bulk pak), & Valvoline SYNT 5W-30 , in my GMC. CANYON 4/ Cyl,@144,000 miles.. are these Robust, good Filters…?? Normally, use NAPA GOLD ( Wix)//PUROLATOR Boss & MOBIL 1 Synthertic!!……
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    Thanks, does your Filter look strong, ? GOOD showing: fairly good filtering & integrity?. ( obviously you cannot nod Lab Works..interestingly my new GARAGE , JUST used VALVOLINE VO58( Bulk pak) Filter,& VALVO5w—30 *SYNTHETIC, IN MY 2007 GMC CANYON, 4 [email protected],000 miles… ** normal MOB1 SUNTHETIC...
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    How LONG would you leave premium oil filter on with low miles?

    Thanks, actually looks : approx,what I previously do :: 2007 CANYON 4 CYL/MOB15W-30,now :**/ PUROLATOR BOSS//:: though last two,years been doing OIL filter q 6 Month (WAS USING @ NAPA GOLD/ WIX)…partly getting to lazy @ age 74 to Jack up ( my drive up/Ramps got damages)**crankcase drain/ run oil...
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    Purolator boss, 6800 miles, 392 Hemi on Redline 0w40

    Thanks, I just changed to to PUROLATER BOSS, TWO VEHICLES: Canyon 2007/4 CYL/141,000 mi, AND 2015 JOURNEY 4CYL/ 90,000mi…….oddly almost seems quieter operations.( no audio metric proofs).let us know what is BOSS servicing, showing,met
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    NAPA Proselect now made at Purolator?

    Interestingly, I just now looked at my local Walmart ; mh PF46E, still at Some $4/ each (( * thouhg been using PUROLATOR, ROYAL Purple last few years in Canyon 2007/4 CYL,WITH MOB1 5W-30…..& forgot to see where they made.. Interestingly, my MOPAR OIL FILTERS, 339 ( 2015 JOURNEY/4 CYL) , made in...
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    NAPA Proselect now made at Purolator?

    Thanks, just back into forums, and checking: I run two,vehicles,