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    Recommendations For Wobble Drive Extension

    I went Kobalt for my wobble set. Excellent grips made into the shafts. No slop. They fit nice into a variety of brands of sockets that I have. Taiwan not China if that matters.
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    Any experience with (non-US) Fluke 15B+, or BK Precision, or Amazon Commercial DMM (multimeter) models?

    I have both BK Precision and Fluke, and a few others. If you want a super accurate multimeter that will do just about everything that you ever need, get a Greenlee DM-820a. It is an American version of Brymer, like EEV Blog. I use the BK Precision for high voltage circuits. It has excellent...
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    Scotty’s at it again.

    Just ran into a Scotty Kilmer short video on YouTube. He is trying to convince people that as long as the ratings in the bottle is up to spec, in the case O’Reilly vs Castrol GTX, you are just wasting money on the more expensive oil. There is no context, like an old beater that burns a quart of...
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    Valve ticking help 5W20

    Thank you for your insight. Yes valve clatter is a better way of describing it. It seems like the Fram Ultra oil filter is a no go for these engines. Will replace with Mopar filter.
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    Valve ticking help 5W20

    No. It’s same volume. That’s why I’m not sure going to a 5W30 instead of 5W20 would help.
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    Valve ticking help 5W20

    Purchased used vehicle. No service history. I changed the oil after purchase.
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    Valve ticking help 5W20

    I purchased the vehicle used about 3 months ago. I changed the oil myself after purchase. I have no service history.
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    Valve ticking help 5W20

    I purchased the vehicle used from a non Dodge dealer. It was a trade in to a Buick dealer. I have no service history report.
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    Valve ticking help 5W20

    2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad with 2.4l has a valve ticking noise after I had change the oil with Castrol Edge Advanced 5W20 with a Fram Ultra oil filter. It has just under 140,000 miles. Does anyone have a synthetic recommendation that might quiet the valve ticking noise? Also, would going to...
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    Why do some cars burn one oil brand but not another?

    Watch the Project Farm YouTube video of him testing many many different oils from the same weight. He put the oil in a coffee pot on a hot plate portable stove, at a steady temp for a certain period of time. He would even rotate the coffee pots to make sure no hot spots. He would weigh the oils...
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    NAPA Syn Blend Top Notch

    When I can, I change the oil and filter on my wife’s old Ford Minivan. I use whatever is on sale at Walmart or Menards. Sometimes she takes it to Ford and have the complete vehicle inspection with the Motorcraft oil change. Usually by the time her van is ready for a new oil change, I’ve already...
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    Has anyone heard of this brand? The description shows that is it made in Germany. It has plenty of approvals and certificates, so it looks like a really good oil. I’ve never heard of this brand and I am curious if anyone uses it I found it browsing through oils.
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    SHELLL motor oils : Dropped ?

    I purchased the last two cases of Shell Formula Synthetic 5W20 from my local Menards last fall. I haven't seen it since, only conventional Formula 5W20.
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    Oil for my old 5.0l Ford Explorer that’s “burning” oil?

    Thanks for your answer! I've never pulled the screen that was under the PCV valve. I've only changed the valve, and that was hard enough. I can only imagine the screen is a super pain to pull.
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    Oil for my old 5.0l Ford Explorer that’s “burning” oil?

    Thanks for your answer! I'm going to replace the PCV valve and see if that helps. It is one of the biggest pains in the rear to change. I've avoided that maintenance item probably far too long.