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    Weird private-label tire names

    Atlas was a line of tires sold back in the day by "Standard Oil" stations, Amoco, Chevron, Esso/Exxon and Sohio. Blue Streak is what Goodyear called their racing tires before calling them Eagles. Provided they didn't let the trademark lapse, the "Blimp Boys" might have an infringement case
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    Mobil 1 shortage

    If you're having trouble getting your favorite flavor of Mobil 1, it just might be that there's a strike at the Beaumont refinery
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    Dexos 1 Gen 3 Licensed Oil

    This may mean nothing but I once noticed that AC Delco oil had the same shape as a Mobil bottle. Same with Motorcraft and Kendall/66/76
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    Motorcraft makes good wipers

    The premium Motorcraft blades are Valeo Ultimates. If you have an arm where the blade attaches with side tabs, they are the only ones that fit correctly
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    What do you use for maintenance records?

    There's 3x5 (or so) wire bound auto record books by "At-A-Glance" that I've used for years. When we get a new car, we get a new book
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    Aftermarket hood struts/shocks?

    I've always used Stabilus and have been satisfied
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    2008 Mercury Mariner V6, Castrol Edge Extended 5w20 and a Motorcraft FL820S filter
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    Post your last tire/wheel purchase

    In November it was a set of Continental Pro Contacts on my wife's Escape. They were the OE tire and they did well so we figured a second would be the was to go at 70k miles. Back in the summer of 2020 it was a set of Michelin Cross Climate SUV's on my Mariner. A bit much but they look and...
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    Strange old Jeep

    OK, it looked new, soft top and in suburban Atlanta
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    Strange old Jeep

    Earlier today I saw what seemed to be a WWII-Korea era Jeep that was strange. Olive drab, that's normal but it was right hand drive and a diesel. Any thoughts?
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    A few relics...are they worth anything or do I open and use them?

    How about Ebay, either selling them full or empty? I think the black bottle is the oldest and would grt the best price
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    GULF motor oils ...

    In 1985, Chevron purchased Gulf. Since then, marketing in the southeastern US was sold to BP, in the northeastern US to the convenance store operator Cumberland Farms and the European operations to a Middle Eastern group. The picture of the 917 brings up an interesting point. Gulf still seems...
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    Flashing lights and ticking sound

    Bingo to MK and ZRX. It was a positive battery câble that was by being à bit too close to the fan