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    Share your dumb maintenance errors!

    Two come to mind, both on the MG. Bleeding the clutch myself using a Mityvac, I was underneath staring up at the slave cylinder. Got it bled, but when I pulled the hose off the nipple, it flung a few drops of brake fluid into my eye. Ohh... That burns. Grabbed the bottle of brake fluid as I...
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    Starting up a engine that’s been sitting for a few years?

    My MG sat for 18 years. Turned the engine with a wrench to ensure it wasn't seized first. Gave a squirt of oil down each spark plug hole, gave it an oil change, and started cranking with a new battery. Oil pressure came up, but it turned out the electronic ignition had given up the ghost...
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    Question about a donut spare

    The few times I've had to use the donut I've noticed that on the front the steering doesn't seem to center itself the same way, like I have to help it back to center. Ex-wife's Subaru had specific instructions for installing (not removing) a spare fuse in the fuse block to disable the AWD when...
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    RIP Michael Collins

    Command module pilot of Apollo 11. 90 years old. Kind of bummed since I'm fascinated by all of the Apollo program.
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    Battery gauge low

    Don't know if an '07 had the "smart" alternators, but from my '10 Traverse service manual it did say it was normal for the voltage to fluctuate. For example, turning on the headlights it purposely lowered the voltage to extend the bulb life. It also did not try to keep the battery 100%...
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    Educate me about RVs

    The ex-wife and I bought a popup when we were dating. I was new to RVs, and the one we bought was barely used. I learned that new RVs are not like new cars that are engineered. Nope, they are somewhat slapped together using various parts from dozens of manufacturers, and not always put...
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    Stuck calipers = warped rotors?

    Silly question, but if it was uneven pad deposits, what would that look like? The old rotors were shiny and didn't seem to have localized discoloration.
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    Stuck calipers = warped rotors?

    Just put new rotors on the wife's car. A few weeks ago, put new calipers and pads on after finding both fronts had frozen guide pins and the inboard pads had worn thin. Rotors were replaced about a year ago when she noted that the brakes were pulsating. Thought all was squared away, but I...
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    Any Ham Radio Operators In BITOG?

    Got my ticket in '93 after joining the amateur radio club in college. Fiddled around with shortwave radio and radio control in my electronics tinkering, but didn't know much about amateur radio until I joined the club. Mostly I just make a few contacts on HF, and actually passed the 13 WPM...
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    Your Oldest Things?

    Hmm... Not inherited kind of excludes my grandfather's 1920 viola, though it is in good condition and I took some lessons on it. I guess the next thing would be my 1921 Westinghouse Radiola III radio. Found it at a flea market. The rare WD-11 tube had burned out, but somebody modified the...
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    The tale of gas cans continues

    Amen! Mine always dribble right around the sliding part of the sleeve. Hate 'em. Ironic that more gas is spilled with the "environmentally friendly" cans than the old ones.
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    Contractor hiring

    Just seems odd to me; told the first guy that the roof is old (unknown how old), has been patched a few times, it's shedding grit into the gutters, growing moss, and some of the patches are needing to be re-patched after we've had a couple leaks, so we'd like to just replace the whole thing and...
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    Contractor hiring

    Is it just me, or is it common to have some contractors not respond or are they just so busy that they don't get back to you? Trying to get estimates for a new roof, and called a guy who was recommended by friends. Talked to him on the phone, said he'd come by during the week, and had me text...
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    1 Vehicle With 2 Different Wiper Blades

    I'm thinking different sized wiper blades have been used for a long time. Pretty sure even my '97 Saturn had two different sizes. My MG has the same size on all 3 windshield wipers. Yes, you read that correctly :LOL:.
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    Old cartoons

    OK! didn't realize I had already replied to this a while back. Never mind.