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    2021 Escape

    Considering that Motorcraft oil is semi-synthetic you would be going above and beyond using a full synthetic oil. 10,00i oil change is not a stretch at oil if using a quality full synthetic oil. Use a quality filter that offers a long life. The OEM Motorcraft filter is good quality. Value...
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    Castrol Edge Vs. Edge extended performance?

    I created another thread a couple weeks ago asking about a shortage on Castrol Edge EP oil. I've been having hard time finding it. I thought maybe they were discontinuing it. After visiting several stores I finally came across some and a Walmart. I found 3 jjigs, all 0W-20, tucked away on the...
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    Motorcraft FL2114-B12 instead of FL910S

    I think Fordnhas some issues with supply chain and inventory. I drive high mileage and I'm meticulous with maintenance. I prefer to do it myself but can't always. Sometimes I travel away with work. My last oil change was done at a Ford dealership in Georgia. I got the routine works package done...
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    2020 Silverado 1500 6.2L towing

    Was not here to argue Ford oils. The OP asks for a quality oil. I'm a fan of the Castrol Edge. Proven, works well. I think Castrol Edge and Mobil1 are 2 best mainstream oils on the market. OP has issues with oil consumption. In spec grade of 0W-20 the Castrol Edge was an ever so slightly more...
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    2020 Silverado 1500 6.2L towing

    I don't understand where there is any confusion. Outside of the United States where they don't brand Motorcraft products Ford works extensively with Castrol to supply their motor oils. I know that Ford specifically worked with Castrol developing an oil for the European spec 1.0Ll EcoBoost...
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    Variable displacement oil pump and proper oil filter

    I'm not sure what section to post this in. I have a 2020 Ford Ecosport with the 1.0L Ecoboost engine. That particular engine uses a variable displacement oil pump. I was just chatting with a person who is a hot rodder and engine builder and I'm just saying about that I wanted to use a different...
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    2020 Silverado 1500 6.2L towing

    I'm a fan of Castrol Edge or Castrol EdgeEP. As a Ford person. FORD , themselves, like Castrol and work with Castrol developing the Motorcraft oils. If you look at product details and specifications the Castrol Edge OW-20 is ever so slightly heavier oil compared to the Mobil OW-20
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    Oil filters. Which ones you guys like / trust / recommend for normal condition driven sedans?

    What kind of sedan? The OEM Ford Motorcraft filters are cheap. They are good quality. Hard to beat. They fit many other models of vehicles. The FRAM tough guard or Ultra are both good for the money. For a premium filter the Fram Ultra is a good deal.
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    Ford Ranger 2019-2021 2.3L Ecoboost Larger Filter

    I've seen threads like this in the past. I see people using larger filters on the 2.0L Ecoboost and 2 3L Ecoboost. The FL400s will fit, it's an upsize but the pressure relief is 20psi vs 14.5psi for the FL910s. I've seen Fram 3614 and 3600 series used interchangeably. They have a bypass rating...
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    Any filter brands still made in the USA?

    FRAM! Not sure about all of them. I know the tough guard and higher end filters are made in the USA. Not only that,but FRAM had the stigma of being crappy. Here is one exame of made in the USA is better. FRAM , not to long ago, moved production back to USA for their filters for better quality...
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    Castrol Edge Extended Protection shortage?

    Is there a shortage on Castrol Edge extended protection motor oil? Or are they phasing it out? I've used Castrol Edge extended protection in a previous oil change. Yes, the oil in the gold jug. Supposedly castrol's top of the line synthetic oil. A while back I bought it one roll back at my...
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    Oil for bathed in oil timing belt

    Several of the smaller Ford Ecoboost engines use a bathed in oil timing belt. I know both the 1.0L and 1.5L 3cylinder engines have a bathed in oil timing belt. Other engines may also have one, not sure.
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    Oil for bathed in oil timing belt

    I used be a firm believer in Mobil1 AFE or their products. Or used Pennzoil. Recently I switched to Castrol Edge EP. Only because it was son rollback at Walmart. Done some research and Ford appears to work with Castrol. There European vehicles use Castrol oil. I found out Ford worked with...
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    Oil for bathed in oil timing belt

    I own a Ford vehicle with Ecoboost engine that uses the the bathed in oil timing belt. Are their any particular oil that have been tested and proven more beneficial over another competitor for longevity and degradation of the timing belt?
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    Oil Viscosity

    I may do it yourselfer. I prefer to do the oil change and maintenance on my vehicle myself. I work as an in the electrician and do mostly power plant maintenance so I'm mechanically inclined. Sometimes with my job I am required to be out of town and sometimes for a long periods of time...