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    Altima Cop Car

    Pre pandemic, I traveled to Roswell NM often. Would visit Ruidoso NM casinos. Ruidoso police used 4x4 Jeep’s as police cars. Lots of heavy snow at their 6000 ft altitude.
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    63 427 Galaxie 500

    True. That’s a 63 1/2. When I was younger, I had a 64. My dad had a 65. (Different body style)
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    Diehard is back. At Advance.

    Same thing happened to me. Could not get in. Forgot how I contacted the moderator but he got me back in.
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    HYUNDAI ; Manual tranny w/o a clutch pedal

    Sorry for the loss of your Dad. My sisters car was a 51 or 52 Dodge. Same as the Chrysler. Back in those days, every Chrysler, DeSioto or Dodge dealer also sold Plymouth. Chrysler/Plymouth DeSoto/Plymouth Dodge/Plymouth.
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    HYUNDAI ; Manual tranny w/o a clutch pedal

    Your dad is correct. When you took your foot off the gas, it would shift into High Gear and you would hear an audible “Click”. My sister had one and I remember it well Your dad has a good memory. As I remember my sisters car, you could shift the (three on a tree) in the normal fashion,OR you...
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    Relay Theft/Hacking key fobs- Let's talk about it

    Although I can’t speak for most of your concerns, I know it is a PITA when traveling with two FOB’s. One in my wife’s purse and one in my pocket. Can’t leave the purse (or extra FOB in the car). Now if I take a trip, taking the extra FOB, I wrap the extra FOB in aluminum foil and hide it...
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    1997 Chevy Z71 350 Vortec 160,000 miles, under the valve cover

    About 35 or 40 years ago, my immediate boss, a Chemical Engineer, owned a very small Honda Civic wagon. He firmly believed in and loved Mobil-1. Yes, it’s been around that long. He changed his oil every spring no matter how many miles he put on. He did change his oil filter every 8000 miles and...
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    Can you bump start a manual car that has push button start?

    Should work if you use 2nd or 3rd gear. (1st probably would not work.)
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    2400 mile drive ruined my back!

    One or two Advil will fix you up.
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    USA Hotel Chains

    When I’m traveling, I never stay at those high price places. All I want is a decent place to shower and sleep for the night before I continue next morning. I. E. I don’t want to buy the room. I just want to rent it for a little while.
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    Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating pics

    I used to use Turtle Wax ICE Polish, but the Polish is no longer available. Great stuff. Now I use ICE Liquid Wax or ICE Detailer. Both great. In addition, ICE Detailer can be used on your windshield. (Do NOT try the liquid wax on the windshield - trust me).
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    New KY License Plates

    NY tried the “printed plates” blue on white a few years ago. Did not work out. Went back to Stamped plates, both in blue on white and on blue on gold/yellow.
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    I think I am done with sams club.

    Never could understand why anyone would pay to shop at Costco, Sams or BJ’s. Crazy. The first “Membership “ clubs I remember were GEM and before that, GEX. Could not understand it back then and still don’t understand it.
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    Delay in getting insurance for 1966 Biscayne

    I think Geico originally stood for Government Employees Insurance Company. (I could be wrong). Way back around 1965 (yes, I’m old) I wanted to sign on with Geico. Got turned down but they would be happy to sign me up with their affiliated company Criterian Insurance, at a much higher price. I...
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    A 50 Cent Washer Cost Me An Oil Change

    I still have a few copper crush washers left over from my BMW (Airhead) Motorcycle days.