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    $300 Electric Toothbrush?

    The five buck battery ones from Wally World.
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    Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

    Didn't understand that sunset didn't mean when the sun went behind the mountains and had fun time on Going to the Sun the day it opened with two screaming kids in a van. Almost dark. Mid nineties. Had a night terror that night in a Lethbridge hotel.
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    Eye of the tiger song

    Saw 'em at a free Fourth of July concert about seven years ago with BoDeans. Would I drive long distances to see BoDeans again. Yabetcha. Would I drive ten miles to see Survivor. Probably not. Tight band vs. not very tight band. I do remember a bunch of Sly is my friend chatter however.
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    OIL Life monitor on a 2020 Chevy Trax

    I used to change my Encore @ about 6500 miles IIRC. Showed about 20% on the OLM.
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    Best To Run The Same Oil All The Time?

    Was able to rattle off state capitals at four. I'm great at trivia and yet I'm face blind which has resulted in many hilarious incidents which still wake me up with night sweats. I'd love to have a bit more brain balance.
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    Do engines change by country?

    Yes, this is an oft repeated question. However it's one of which I find interesting and will come back to read again and again, so thanks OP for putting it up. I've decided to go 5w30 on my Kia but have posted the 5w20 vs. 5w30 question myself. I don't think there's a clear answer, my...
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    How do you regularly track a mutual fund?

    Schwab has great tracking and analysis. Brought my Vanguard and TRowePrice stuff over to let Schwab consolidate my holdings and the difference is startling and appreciated.
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    Hardwood floors vs. LVP

    I've had vinyl plank for a decade, most with a medium sized dog. No problems and I'd do it again.
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    2022 Mitsubishi Outlander

    Without seeing it in person, it looks uglier than the Rogue and the front end clip looks uglier than the ancient last gen model. Mitsu finally got a dealership re-established in metro St Louis. That's one dealership for 2.8 milliion people.
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    New Telluride - Mobil 1 HM?

    I think increased seal conditioners is more accurate than seal swellers. No reason not to use it.
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    Once Inappropriate...Not now.

    Spouting everything to a group of people is probably boorish. However, it's easy to look up property valuations in most counties. That keeps everything fair. I was a public official and had my salary posted in the paper every year, back when there were papers. Didn't bother me a bit.
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    Genesis SUV

    I can get you a good deal on one. Needs some buffing out.
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    Will a syn blend cause the problems a full syn will on an old conv only engine?

    As referenced above. It's all pretty much syn blend. If you relabel like Valvoline did with VWB, (and I assume NAPA) you get people complaining that it's not real on Amazon. If you continue to label conventional as SuperTech does, it makes little difference cause it's still roughly half group...
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    Hyundai Transmission Fluid SP-IV-RR replacement?

    Posted earlier that I was planning on doing Maxlife. Well I did and it works great.