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    Ultra1Plus 5W40 API SP

    The world wants to know why.
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    Investing Strategies. What is your move?

    With the exception of a slight turn to value, and doing more ETF's for new purchases, I've learned Jack Bogle was right. Indexes only. Every stock I've ever bought has turned sour. I was down about 13% for the first six months. Something I can live with.
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    Never owned any BITCOIN or the like- but BTC in the high 18k this morning

    Bill Mahar rightly tagged it as "Coal Fired Beanie Babies" IMO.
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    No wonder our insurance rates keep going up

    Get an STD from consensual car boning and GEICO pays up big. Final proof we're in the end times.
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    No wonder our insurance rates keep going up
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    RIP Ronnie "The Hawk" Hawkins

    Had one of his albums when I was in high school and I'm pushing 80. I'm trying to see 'em before they die.
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    RISLONE High MIleage Engine Treatment ??

    Never tried Ring Seal, but the High Mileage Treatment seems to cut oil consumption in my '17 Soul with 100K. Seems to run quieter too.
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    Movies so Bad they are Good

    Nothing like Arch Hall Jr in Eegah. Makes Plan 9 from Outer Space look like Citizen Kane.
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    Post your HOA horror stories here

    If the HOA rules don't specifically forbid unit slicing, there should be no prohibition against it.
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    Favorite laundry soap..

    Front load washer but used various non-HE Dollar Tree LA Totally Awsome. Doesn't seem to suds any more than an HE detergent. Stocked up before the price increase so it was 32 washes for a buck. Probably awful but I got enough to do me til I die so I'm sticking with it. The pre-Pritzker Super...
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    Car and Driver: Hyundai Sonata Mid-Size Sedan Reportedly on the Chopping Block.

    The Ionic 6 is a sedan. Sedans aren't leaving, just the ICE. Wish they'd kept the Sonata name. I'm getting a bit tired of alphanumeric codes rather than proper naming conventions (and when all vehicles start with Ionic that's the same thing).
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    What Gordon Lightfoot left off from the Edmund Fitgerald song

    Edmund Fitzgerald was the editor of the Great Lakes Marine Historical Society news letter. (IIRC the name) in the late sixties. I worked for Milwaukee Public Library which housed their collection, I was the assistant editor and did most of the production work. Seemed like a nice guy for an...
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    Post your HOA horror stories here

    Best HOA board members get roped into it. My dog took a dump at 3:30 am on a summer morning, and at 5:15 the board member was banging on my door with the rule in hand stating that dog waste MUST be picked up promptly. Didn't say a thing about night or day. Promptly means promptly, not sunrise.
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    WM Exclusive: Goodyear Reliant All-Season

    Had them for a month replacing the Walmart exclusive Generals. A bit cheaper per tire and seem equally good. Happy with both of them
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    Do you still use checks?

    Debit cards go in ATM machines and are insecure. ATM cards go in ATM machines and are quite safe. My CU used to try to update my ATM card with a debit card. I'd take it back and yell at 'em til they replaced it. Anything with Master Card or Visa on it that doesn't have the protection of a...