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    USPS Drama

    I have a patio bench/box next to my front door with a big sign saying 'PUT PACKAGES IN HERE'. Other delivery services can usually figure that out. USPS puts the package on the sign. That's why I only use about five stamps a year and voted early in person.
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    New TV

    Someone else will answer better than me. Always felt built-ins were a bit like buying a laptop. I have a small box computer. Screen or keyboard craps out I get another one. My ROKU box craps out, I get another one. So far my ROKU's have not lasted as long as my TV's. Now if a built in ROKU in a...
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    Relay Theft/Hacking key fobs- Let's talk about it

    Had a friend on Long Island who was careful to put a steering wheel lock on his car. Told him that was so 1990's, at least in St. Louis it's all car jacking now.
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    Circle K gasoline

    Top Tier adoption and I'll start occasionally buy there ( still 90 percent Costco). QT is off my list cause it's a center of no mask retail and I'm an old sick geezer. I guess sub branding gets them past the requirement that all locations must follow along. As a side, didn't know Circle K was...
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    2020 Hyundai Kona SE Review

    Like the looks of the Kona better than the new Soul but I'm sure the Soul has a lot more room behind the front seats. There's something to be said for a box
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    Warren Distribution sold to Equity Firm Would this man cheat you?
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    Warren Distribution sold to Equity Firm

    If Wally World can't squeeze the life blood out of Warren, they'll find another prey.
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    2012 Kia Rio hatchback 1.6 gdi

    Had a '13 EX. Good car, no problems. Always used TT on any HyunKia car.
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    Warren Distribution sold to Equity Firm Looks like the Schlott family is keeping a hand in the business.
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    Warren Distribution sold to Equity Firm

    I'll miss the Warren is a different Warren monthly discussions.
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    Warren Distribution sold to Equity Firm

    Pritzker as in. Gov. Pritzker? Trying to divert hotel money?
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    2021 Chevy Trailblazer

    GM prices high and sticks big discounts on the hood. They'll be cheap in a year.
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    2021 Chevy Trailblazer

    I'd probably have this on my shortlist with the Seltos if I was looking for a new car. Can't say I've had any GM lemons but they always cost me hundreds in repairs whereas HyunKias have been rock solid and cheap to own
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    I miss you _______ on my new car.

    More colors and cheapo keys. Other than that I miss the electronic gizmos on my Buick Encore that are missing on my Soul. Especially tire pressure.
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    2021 Chevy Trailblazer

    Much smaller than Equinox. It's a sub compact with a 1.2-1.3 3 cylinder engine. Wasn't the original Trailblazer larger then the Blazer? Looks like GM is pulling names out of the wrong oriface.