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    ZDDP on cylinder walls and main bearings

    I don't think that your question can be answered simply. (Thanks Cuget for the paper on stress activated ZDDP tribofilms) Various parts of an engine operate in different lubrication conditions as reflected on the Striebeck Curve. The camshaft and valve actuation mechanisms are the most highly...
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    Insect Screen over Radiator

    After having an AC condenser condenser coil broken by a piece of gravel, I installed aluminum window screen over all my vehicle radiators and coils. The screen is installed loosely with plenty of curves for flexibility. I wash the bugs and grass seed off thoroughly at least every spring. Works...
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    Long term driving in 3rd Gear at 1:1 helpful or harmful?

    I can see that you are practicing your mechanical empathy, thinking about how to optimize engine and transmission life. I think that what you propose, driving in 3rd gear in hilly country at about 50 miles per hour will give you the benefits that you have mentioned. According to SAE papers that...
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    Got caught my first time!

    As far as four cycle, water cooled boat engine oil (FC-W), There is an SAE paper #2007-32-0079 written by Brent Dohner of Lubrizol Corp. that explains the reasons and methods for developing this specific oil. The abstract mentions protecting against salt water corrosion, while operating at lower...
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    Denso air filter

    The most informative air filter document that I know of is “Nanofibers in Filtration Applications in Transportation” by Employees of Donaldson Company given in 2001. Here is a quote about consumers and light duty vehicles: “Consumers must also make maintenance decisions about the air filters...
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    110K miles on factory filter

    There is a SAE paper #2005-01-1139, "Performance and Benefits of Zero Maintenance Air Induction Systems" written by the designers of the Ford Lifetime Air Filter. The benefits besides saving money on unnecessary filter changes are improved air filter efficiency by allowing the air filter to...
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    Oil Funnel--Anyone Try This?

    Just keep in mind whatever funnel you use, it is a potential source of introducing contamination into your engine. Be sure to store the funnels inside of a sealed zip-lock bag and wipe it out with a clean paper towel before use. Damaging wear particles are typically smaller than is visible with...
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    Synthetic Filter and Oil for Vehicle Storage?

    Yes, A synthetic media filter should last longer in storage or intermittent driving than a cellulose filter. I remember this instruction from Motorking who previously worked for Fram and was a member of this Forum. (I can't make the search function go back more than 1 year). Cellulose media...
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    Premium Guard PA99467 Efficiency

    One important thing here that applies to all dry air filters is that the efficiency improves between the initial test and the final test because of a precoat that is established on the filtering surface. As long as the seals are air tight, engine life improves when air filters are not changed...
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    Sentra no start

    The first thing that I do in these situations is to thoroughly clean the battery posts and terminals until you achieve bare metal. Sometimes you get an oxide scale that is not very noticeable but will still cause intermittent starting problems. Good Luck.
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    2004 Cavalier 2.2L Oil Change Interval?

    I owned a 96 Cavalier with this engine until I sold it to my son with 220,000 miles, with no major work except a head gasket at about 190,000 and never any oil leaks. With a manual transmission, it had the longest range of any vehicle I have ever owned. Drove from Flagstaff, Az to Ogden, Ut once...
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    Chevron Supreme no longer at Costco

    I too would like to know what is happening to Chevron Supreme. Seems to be on its way out at the local Costco,and has also disappeared at Fred Myers and Oreillys. I have used Chevron Supreme for years because Chevron's base oil plants are all group 2 (and will soon be upgraded to group 3...
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    Why drive gentle if hydrodynamic lubrication achieved?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by NoNameJoe</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Often the internet is full of people saying things along the lines of: 1. Is it true most wear occurs during start up? 2. How much oil is left on parts after the car is shut off...
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    Wix/ Napa best oil Filters

    The Napa dealer is telling a half truth. The big coil spring in Wix filters compresses the filter media against the anti-drain back valve and has nothing to do with the bypass valve as blupupher noted. However it is a fact that leaf springs (even a single leaf as in some oil filters) have more...
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    7317 or 6607?

    Here is my thinking on using the larger filter. Initial cold start-up oil flow through the filter media is laminar and the resulting pressure drop is directly proportional to flow velocity and viscosity. Since the viscosity of motor oil is about 100 times higher at 0 F than at 212F, the...