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    Ford Ranger or Nissan Frontier

    Of the two choices I would go with the Ford. Why not consider the GM twins?
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    3rd Gen Canyon AT4 out in the wild

    ****, that thing is really nice.
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    I'm looking at another car 😱

    Looks like you already bought it 😂
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    I'm looking at another car 😱

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    New truck!

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I am absolutely loving the truck and so is my boy. All he talks about is daddy’s truck 😂. I haven’t been in the wife’s CRV since we got the truck haha.
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    Bought an Integra

    What a beautiful car!
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    New truck!

    I plan to call Line-X on Monday to schedule a time to drop the truck off. I plan to have them remove The caps on the bed sides (picture attached), spray the bed, and reinstall them. What about the access panel at the end of the tailgate? Should I have them remove the screws before spraying, so I...
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    New truck!

    Already have a quote from Line-X. Plan to do it in a couple weeks when I have time.
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    New truck!

    Thanks everyone! I really love it.
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    New truck!

    Options list:
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    New truck!

    With the options it came out to $32,690. I got $1,250 in rebates. So $31,440 before trade in. I traded my long paid off 2013 (bought new) CRV with 121k miles on it and they gave me $10k. They did not do any dealer markups.
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    New truck!

    At 35 years old I purchased my first truck. Nothing fancy or “cool” but exactly what I need as a home owner. 2022 Chevy Colorado LT 2.5 rwd. I absolutely love this thing!
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    New to me Ford focus

    I hope this one works out for you!
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    CRV's, are they that good?

    I own 2 of them both bought new. My 2013 has 118,700 miles and has been completely trouble free. Replaced rotors and pads, rear struts, other than that just normal maintenance. My wife’s 2022 only has 6,700 miles but I really like it. I love the drivetrain, it’s smooth and quick. I’d recommend...
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    Used car on carvana

    **** man, you’re having some horrible luck. Have you researched the Focus? They don’t have reliable transmissions, unless you get the manual of course.