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    Older car daily drivers

    I had an '88 wagon. Simply wouldn't quit, even after a few incidents. The major issue was oil consumption after Mr. Oil Change (looking at you, @redhat , you know the place) didn't bother to screw on an oil filter properly. Donated it to Goodwill here in SW Ohio in 1997 and they remarked...
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    Crazy Car Repair Stories

    #3 #11 #20 #24 #27 makes me kinda hot. #28 #42
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    Mary's chicken

    You didn't burn the sprouts at all. They need char. Looks amazing.
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    Hot pepper/pepper sauces

    Being from Buffalo, I only allow Frank's in my fridge. I don't hate Tabasco, and when Cholula is the only option, I'm down with that also.
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    Another battery bites the dust...

    My friend had an Accord of your generation and went through batteries just like you, but in Ohio. The dealer told him it was a common issue on that particular car.
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    Done With Glocks

    So literally "take the top off the defense." Just like football. Thanks!
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    Spotted a very old car at an Express Oil Change shop today

    There's no way that's some random person.
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    Done With Glocks

    Stupid non-gun owner here (but interested, and have fired many of my friends' guns): What's meant by a "stovepipe?"
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    Cummins (modified) blows up on dyno @2:45

    Jake from State Farm ain't gonna cover that.
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    Pad/Rotor Replacement? Should I go Drilled/Slotted.

    I had the same issue on my CR-V. I never liked them.
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    What exact coolant type for 2017 Elantra SE?

    That's not right.
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    Increasing hostility on BITOG

    BITOG isn't the only forum with me.
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    Doug DeMuro - Quirks & Features

    He's goofy but I've gotten over that. I love the oddball/older cars. Don't care about the exotics. The Buick Reatta and Isuzu Vehi-CROSS are good.
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    Honestly... no one at the dealership noticed that?

    My previous indy mechanic showed me a gauge cluster out of a Ford Taurus, that had a drill hole in the side of it. Whoever worked on it prior, drilled the wire for the engine light so it didn't illuminate.