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    Toyota Gives Man Brand New 4Runner TRD Pro

    That FJ was destroyed it appears, glad he survived, honestly. Happy I own a 2016 4Runner built on the same platform!
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    Genesis SUV

    Curious, timely post.......................
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    Replace alternator - As preventative maintenance?

    Correct. My CR-V had 284k on it on the original.
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    Are there any considerate people left?

    Karma will get those who treat others poorly.
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    Head scratching oil burn in '16 Outback 3.6

    Before reading a single reply, my guess was downhill vs. uphill driving makes a big difference.
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    Early Risers

    This is my life also. Exactly the same.
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    Another Grim Reminder to Drive Carefully During Winter

    My coworker destroyed his F-150 in that crash. He's fine.
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    Here's something that could happen, and ruin your day, lol!

    Mine are in the ignition, listening to Sirius with windows down. Back before my Runner, I always put my keys on the driver seat.
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    2021 Daytona 500

    From what's been reported, it was not a good scene.
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    2021 Daytona 500

    Imagine being Ken Schrader, telling him the news in Victory Lane.....brutal.
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    2021 Daytona 500

    And yet again, rain......... I don't complain about night racing there, however. Either get it done tonight, or tomorrow night.
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    Work’s Canceled Tonight - 1st Oil Change Time on the 4Runner!

    Hopefully you get the filter off no worries. I had to really work hard with my Motiv wrench and a breaker bar when I did mine (dealer did the change before I bought my 2016). But it's a satisfying change because the filter housing only goes so tight, with that silver tab. So there's no...
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    Another reason to avoid quicky lube places.

    I'll continue to lay in the snow and on gravel and do my own work.
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    Brass Hammer

    I thought this was a heavy-metal band thread.