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    Last time/how often do you open your hood?

    no, i keep them in the basement.
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    Last time/how often do you open your hood?

    nine times per day.
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    Anyone use a particle magnet on oil pan?

    omg it’s the guy from fleetwood mac everybody!!!!
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    Engine temp before oil change?

    sure but how much cold 0w20 is realistically going to be left in the pan compared to warm 15w40? as long as you run the engine long enough to circulate the oil thoroughly, i'm not convinced it matters much whether you reach operating temperature or just drain cool but recently recirculated oil.
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    Engine temp before oil change?

    this makes sense to me. for a thicker oil maybe it makes sense to let the engine warm up some, but for a 5w30 or 0w20 i don’t see an issue?
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    New member, so happy to be here!

    it was a joke! this place is great, lots of knowledge and friendly people.
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    New member, so happy to be here!

    sorry bud, this place is for guys with 200k mile minivans and crown vics that wait for supertech to go on sale and buy 10 jugs at a time. you’re in the wrong place! (kidding).
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    Oil breaking in a 454

    i’ve never built an engine myself. but i do post a lot of engine building advice on the internet.
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    Price of yearly oil change

    i do my own now that i have a shop. more convenient than going somewhere to get it done.
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    Do I really need to change my oil, less than 500 miles in 2.5 years?

    do the additives get picked back up if you drive enough, maybe a few full throttle blasts after fully heat soaked?
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    Oil breaking in a 454

    some people say you don’t need a dedicated break in oil, some say you do. but no one says a break in oil will hurt, and it will cost you what - 20 bucks more than something else, at worst? i say use a break in oil. i doubt it will make a difference, but for a few extra bucks it will make you...
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    200,000 miles is in fact rare, only 1% of vehicles reach it

    fuel injection is a big contributor to engine longevity. probably something fo do with carburetors squirting raw fuel down the cylinder walls every time you accelerate ...
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    Naturally Aspirated (NA) V8 Engines

    either it has a holley or it is an econobox imho 🤣
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    Back in the '80s

    At the time my 65 had a 350 Chevy in it, unported 041 heads, Crane Fireball (216 @ .050), headers, four speed, 3.90's. It ran pretty well against the 5.0 Mustangs and even beat a couple of 400 Firebirds, but it ran out of breath at 5500 rpm. My buddy's 327 was built right, had a decent sized...