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    Vavoline 5w20 with 5881 miles - 1997 Subaru Legacy

    Agree... This is definitely not a bad analysis from convention oil. WB did hold up okay for almost 6k miles.
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    Canadian Tire's Motomaster Filter Flip-flop

    +1 Made in China > Fram
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    3 consecutive UOAs for 09 Traverse 3.6L DI

    You should try GC on your next interval.
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    Castrol Edge 5W/30, 8073 mi, 07 Murano, VQ35DE V-6

    Nice wear, but TBN is very low with 0.5 qrt of make-up oil How fast do go on highway? or highway to city ratio? Nissan recommends change at 7500 miles/ 6 months for non-severe driving conditions. I would say 7500 miles max for castrol edge!
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    Castrol GTX 10w30 & General ?

    GTX performs comparable to some syn
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    Honda oil changes without filter?

    Honda OEM = Fram I would think twice, before using the same filter twice...
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    2003 Accord V6, M1 5w20, 4199 miles

    you may consider 5W-30 or 10W-30
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    Grand Total BITOG Member Combined Oil Stash

    The total should be just 27,316 qts
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    How often do you check your oil??

    My cars have no consumption (*knock on the wood), I check it every month or two..
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    20wt.....why? 30wt.....

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Pop_Rivit</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Can someone point me to information about the failures, damage and reduced longevity caused by running an Xw-20 in the summer months, even on a vehicle that sees high outdoor...
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    castrol edge first impressions

    the Honda 3.0L V6 is very quiet engine
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    Quaker State Dino 5w30 UOA 2481 MI 2005 GM 3800

    It has already sheared into high 20 weights...
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    0-65 mph within 90 seconds of cold start?

    You should give it 30 sec or so warm up! At around 32F/ 0C in Toronto, I feel my car do need some warm up. Issue 1) the engine does not response well in cold/not warmed up Issue 2) the engine sounds a lot harsher when pushed
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    Switch from PYB to PP

    PYB cleans up to 40% of the sludge PP cleans up to 46% of the sludge So honestly, from now on, i would just use PYB, unless PP is price like PYB.