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    Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax vs. TW Ice Seal n Shine

    get that on some black trim and its gonna take as long to get it off. its one of the reasons i stop using it
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    Can someone explain the difference between a tower and the small form comps?

    i am old. that is what we used to call it back in the days. LOL
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    Can someone explain the difference between a tower and the small form comps?

    i usually use a lap top. my son gave me a 27 inch monitor and some other stuff like a logitech key board and mouse when he upgraded his stuff. so i guess all i need is a cpu. the last time i had a desktop was about 10 years ago. So i have been looking online for a cpu. i see the normal...
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    Cheapie power washer pump source?

    i got a new pump for my presure washer off of amazon. even though it was rated at 2800 psi, with a red tip it was about 2000 psi according to my guage. i am going to play with the unloader and see if i can up it a little more. 2000 psi though is usually enough to do most projects i have...
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    Shield Plus Prices

    they have been pretty much msrp around $535 or so at my gunstores. its going to be a while to find a deal on one. they seem pretty popular
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    Honda gcv 160 won’t start

    i am thinking stuck exhaust valve. take the vavle cover off and then the rockers. use a screwdriver and press the valve in. they should both go in the same distance.
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    Discount Tire Introduces Tire Scanner

    i would think this would interact with their main computer system and then send customers info to it. could probably link a customer and track the tread depth every time they came in. then combined with mileage , they could calculate when the customers will need tires and market to them .
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    Home Auto Repair Question

    if you are doing in your garage i don't think anyone would know or care. now if you did it in your driveway you might get have some issues with the neighbors if they are busy bodies. if its jsut one car at a time and its out the same day, who would know. start parking them on the street or...
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    APEX Ultimate Striker Block For The M&P

    in my experience , its not the block, but the plunger spring that is making the most difference. SW uses a really strong one, while the apex kit less so.
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    disappointed in Griots 3-1 ceramic wax durability

    i am going to put another 2 coats on it and see how long it last. if its the same i am going to get more S&S
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    disappointed in Griots 3-1 ceramic wax durability

    even though this vehicle is parked outside, i parked it in my garage for the 24 hr cure time . so it was nice and dry
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    disappointed in Griots 3-1 ceramic wax durability

    no need to decontaminate as my car is very clean . i don't know how much is enough. i sprayed it on there and took a terry cloth apllicator and worked into the panel. i wash my car almost every week unless the weather is bad. i just can't figure it out. it was nice and smooth and beaded...
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    disappointed in Griots 3-1 ceramic wax durability

    i finished my bottle of TW S&S and decided to try the griots. i applied it as instructed with 2 coats . this was a month ago. today i go wash my car and its flat. no more beading . i expect it to last at least a few months like TW . quite disappointed
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    2020 Hyundai Tucson 2nd Oil Change - should I change now or wait?

    i change my kids 2019 tucson every 5k miles with a oem filter. i get mine from the dealer for $7. this guarentees i get a real filter and paperwork to back it up. So far after almost 30k on the tucson, no issues so far. did a couple of recalls but nothing else. they have a under shield with...