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    Pulsar NS 125

    Its harmless to say the "W" stands for "Winter" or "Weight" because everyone agrees that the "W" stands for the oil's properties at freezing temps... just like its harmless to call Flight Recorders Black Boxes when we all agree they're International Orange...
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    Pulsar NS 125

    Negative... its does not stand for "winter" nor "weight" as popularly repeated...
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    Pulsar NS 125

    Flow is more important... a 5/10w50 flows quicker than a 15/20w50 during initial start up temperature... however once the engine reaches operating temperature both flow the same grade 50 + or - a few centistrokes of gravity flow... The sole purpose API ranks the first number (Example 10) and...
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    Mobil 1 4T vs Castrol 4T?

    Both API SN and SL are current however API rating SL is for 2004 and older automotive engines where as SN was introduced in 2010 and designed to improve high temp deposits protection for pistons, more stringent sludge control in automotive engines... None of the API ratings ever mention...
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    Pulsar NS 125

    You're welcome Johnny... either grade will meet and exceed your mileage expectations... odds are you'll move up to a bigger bike way before you have to worry about the engine... might has well enjoy the extra power...
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    Pulsar NS 125

    Greetings Johnny We say oils are graded on thickness but oils are actually graded on flow... a 40 flows faster with less energy than a 50 which means a 40 will increase horsepower and decrease operating temps with no loss in longevity...
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    Sportster/Evo Era Motors & "plain" 20w50 oils

    True... whether you chose a 30 40 50 grade oil they will all meet and exceed your mileage expectations... Quote BITOG DrDave My old Harley really liked 10w-30 Amsoil. These was a significant reduction in wear metals going from 15-40 to 10-30. There were no consumption issues. It certainly...
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    Motorcycle oil filters

    I continue to employ a K&N 303 filter on Mr.RC45 and I have used OEM and High Flow with equal satisfaction...
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    The Origins Of The Hayabusa

    I found these cool looking Hayabusa shirts for you...
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    Hype behind Shell Rotella T6?

    The more you research oil the more you realize any of it will meet or exceed your mile expectations... there is not one oil in the 300,000 mileage club... there are 30 40 50 grade oils... there are synthetic and mineral oils... there are Diesel Auto oils and Motorcycle oils... The holy trinity...
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    This Is the F-36 Kingsnake. It Could Be the Air Force's Next Fighter Jet

    That is not a P63... its a L39 Larry Bell's swept wing Demonstrator for the Navy...
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    A-10 Warthog-AKA-Thunderbolt II-Tank Buster

    Burt Rutan has your cheaper and better Tank Buster named ARES or Agile Responsive Effective Supports... ARES Agile Responsive Effective Supports
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    What oil for racing Yamaha "2008" R6

    Whether you start with new oil or run one day oil both will meet and exceed your mileage expectations...
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    MIG 21 spotted at small airport.

    America is still the place where you can own and operate your own military jet... so if you are looking for the perfect barometer to which to gauge any mounting assault by government to ban transportation look no further than privately owned military jets...
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    How Germany Almost Reached America

    We are lucky the WW2 German engineers never stopped dreaming and experimenting because we use it today... Axial Flow Compressor Stealth Jet powered Interceptors ICBM Cruise Missiles Smart Bomb Fritz X radio-guided bomb Wire guided missile Rocket powered Swept wings...