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    questions about handguns

    Second the concealed carry class, as they get into the rules as well as spending an hour at the range. You can't just carry one in the open, as well as restrictions in carrying concealed. There are so many types, brands, and calibers that it's very confusing. Nobody has talked about revolvers...
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    SuperTech Filter Changed to Cheaper Construction

    The anti-drainback gasket has always been just below the baseplate. The other set of holes was concealed by the valve. It's not there now, either between the baseplates nor below the second plate.
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    SuperTech Filter Changed to Cheaper Construction

    Yes--the ChampLabs link has a pict that looks the same as the pict on the side of the SuperTech box. I know Champ made these. Now, not so sure. The drainback valve gasket was absolutely not there. I could look through the baseplate holes and see another series of holes below.
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    SuperTech Filter Changed to Cheaper Construction

    No picts possible--took the blasted thing back and got my money. Go to your nearest WallyWorld and look at them for yourself. I also sent their customer service a note, too, as I don't like their quality going down. It's a good thing I looked before I got my greasy oily fingers all over it...
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    SuperTech Filter Changed to Cheaper Construction

    I'm pretty upset with the bean counters at WalMart. Their SuperTech filters were touted on this forum, and I've used them for years now. But NO MORE. I'm about ready to put their ST-8A on my minivan for it's semi-annual oil change, and take out of the box. I look at it and see what's...
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    Kumho Solus KR21

    I have them on my Chrysler minivan. Great tire. Inexpensive, nice ride, and quiet. They balanced out very well. Responsive, but in a minivan that's an oxymoron. Bought them on recommendation from the last Consumer Reports road test which indicated good all around performance (ride, noise...
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    Dodge Caravan 3.3L

    Ditto on the non-issue with leaking manifolds. They're a cast aluminum, not plastic like on the GM V-6s. The only issue I see is access to the rear bank of spark plugs. The intake manifold is a 2-piece affair, and the removal of the upper half will greatly facilitate access to the rear plugs...
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    High Mileage Oils--Do they Work?

    Do the high mileage oils with more seal conditioners work? Anybody got a leaky set of seals on their engine and the higher mileage oils actually stopped the leaks? I just had the timing belt and front engine seals done on my 3S-FE Camry, and the mechanic said the rear seal leaks too. So, I've...
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    Do engines even wear out any more?

    I just did my 100k maintenance cycle on a Chrysler V-6 minivan, and yes the rear bank was a nightmare. The maintenance cycle was spark plugs and wires, and valve cover gaskets. I had to remove the intake manifold plenum and all was accessible from the top, but that was a royal PIA. I'd much...
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    Local Prius Dealer has 70 Prius' in Stock

    I don't think I'm ready for a hybrid yet. I don't need a new car--the ones I have now don't need replacements yet. Expensive gas is still cheaper than payments, and I'm seriously changing my driving style. I don't do 100% fast left lane anymore, and I coast down my street (downhill) with the...
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    Local Prius Dealer has 70 Prius' in Stock

    I know I'm hypermiling it all the time, now. Look at the links: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and: <a href="" target="_blank">Local news article</a> Cause $3 gas makes me <img...
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    I am tired of people mixing oils

    I tend to buy on sale, so I end up with Big Lots markdowns, Wallyworld Super Tech stuff, and Pep Boys rebate brands. I've been using Advanced Auto as my mixer oil cause I got 2 cases at $1.25 a quart in a grand opening sale. In general, I use Supertech synthetics (and Big Lots clearance...
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    What do you keep your psi at?

    Usually 4 pounds extra for the heavy end. Front drivers like that setup. 35-36 front in my GM front driver, 32 rear. Placard says 35 all around. Ditto for my Chrysler minivan, except maybe 36-38 in the front. My current tire set, by Uniroyal, are wearing more at their outer edges. My Miata...
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    Walmart Supertech Oil

    Right on rn2fine And may I say, the Wally world filters are OK, too. Cheap and effective. I don't think there's a hoot of difference between 3k changes, or 6k changes. I do it by time, changing by season and I rarely even consider mileage betwen changes. My first 2 cars, I don't every...
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    Most reliable vehicle

    Boy, there are some real weird writings in this post. I guess I'll add another. Opinions are like bass holes--everybody's got one. I wonder how many flamers out there have put 200,000 miles on a car? Any car. I've been driving a long time, and I've never done it. So for all you 200k mile...