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    Ford 4.2 Misfire: Clean EGR Port via Seafoam?

    I think member BlueOvalFitter had this issue on his F150 4.2 when it was new back in 2007 or so. IIRC it was some sort of carbon buildup issue.
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    Chev Blazer/GMC Acadia 3.6L ?

    Wow, this thread has derailed terribly. The OP was asking for suggestions regarding two vehicles and somehow this turned into a smarty pants contest and now we have unsolicited advice from topics that the OP wasn't even inquiring about. Have we lost the ability to stay on topic?
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    Chev Blazer/GMC Acadia 3.6L ?

    Yep I've replaced that purge valve on a few of my buddies vehicles. It's the same purge valve used on the LLT and LFX but luckily it's inexpensive and pretty darn easy to replace.
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    Chev Blazer/GMC Acadia 3.6L ?

    The early GM 3.6 V6 had some issues with the timing chains. They seemed to have remedied the issues on the later built LLT version but the LFX version was when GM made a lot of changes to ensure more durability and it has been a very reliable engine for GM and it's a great performer. The newest...
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    Passenger side tires wearing faster

    I've honestly never noticed my passenger side tires wearing out faster. It's always either been the front, or the rear tires wearing out faster depending on what type of car it is.
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    Oil Pan Plug Problem

    <img src="/forums/graemlins/LOL.gif" alt="LOL" title="LOL" height="19" width="15" />
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    SUNOCO missing from TOP TIER list ,

    The Top Tier program seems to have a lot of loop holes to it. I emailed them not too long ago about Hyundai owner's manual recommending Top Tier fuel even though Hyundai isn't on the top tier council. They replied back saying essentially that while it's correct that Hyundai isn't part of the...
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    GM 3.9L Oil Capacity

    I should disclaim this real quick, the 3.9 is EPA rated for faily decent MPG highway, but that is with cylinder deactivation activated. My experience with these engines is anything north of 65mph the engine stays in V6 mode and they suck gas.
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    GM 3.9L Oil Capacity

    GM engineers figured this out for you already. Just run a quality synthetic and change it at reasonable intervals and the sump capacity will never be the death of the car. The GM 3900 3.9 V6 was GM's replacement for the 3.8 V6. This engine was designed from the beginning to be more efficient...
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    Caliper Grease for Dielectric Grease

    I'm not sure honestly, i went out and bought a jar of the 3M silicone paste from advance auto but it is pricey. My mechanic friend uses Permatex silicone paste and has good luck with it.
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    CAF on a 01 Suburban with 320K miles

    Maximus, it's called minding your own business. <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />
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    All New 2021/2022 Ford F-150

    Looks very previous generation GMC Sierraish. Not complaining, normally it takes me awhile to warm up to redesigns but I already like this one right off the bat.
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    Good to know consumers are receiving the new spec oils finally. None of the Walmart stores around me have the new spec oil in their shelves yet, and there are a bunch of Walmarts around me.
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    Havoline ProDS 5w30 - 2013 Cadillac ATS w/ 3.6L LFX

    I bought 10 or more 5qt jugs of Haviline ProDS 5w-30 when O'Reilly had it on clearance 3 years ago. It was the SN, Dexos 1 version, not the SN Plus Dexos1 gen 2 version. Either way I never noticed any weird engine noises with it. It felt like it was a pretty good oil, I would buy it again.