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    2021 Ford Bronco 2.7L Ecoboost Pennzoil Platinum 5W30 - 3800 miles

    Thanks everyone. After 10k miles total on Platinum, I’m about 3800 miles into Amsoil Signature and have noticed no discernible difference. M1 0W40 is probably on the docket for winter. Don’t plan on another UOA until about 30k.
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    6th Gen Camaro LT1 Oil - Lots of Confusion

    Don't bother with idiots on a facebook forum. You will not blow your engine and get warranty denied after an oil analysis using that oil. They would just ask you for receipts if anything happened. If it's a Dexos 2 rated oil you should have no issues as long as your dealer isn't a crook.
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    Amsoil Date Code

    3k miles on the 7qts in the sump now without issue. Just have to figure out what to do with the other 5qts since both of my cars take 7. Mix 2 qts of something else in or add amsoil as top off to other 5qt jugs I have?
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    Any HPL users on 3.5 EcoBoosts?

    Watching. Still looking for my go-to oil on a 2.7eb. Currently on Amsoil and planning for M1 0W40 next time for winter idling.
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    Walmart - Mobil 1 Ext Perf - 10w30 - 3 pack - $60

    I thought it was a good question, if a little vague. I found a guy selling 4 containers of it on fb marketplace for $50. I tried looking up info about it but couldn’t find much. I know M1EP is good stuff but not much about this viscosity out there.
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    Ford 3.5L EB in 21 Lincoln Navigator L, 52.4k miles; 5W-30 PUP 3.5k miles

    I know there are a lot of fans of this oil but I wasn’t happy with the regular platinum. That QS euro report you shared looks a lot better for what I’m looking for in my ecoboost. I think I’ll give that a shot next time. Thanks for sharing.
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    Duramax 0w-20 synthetic, 6 gallon box, $50.86

    No way. Must be location related. I ordered 7-14 and was told it wasn't coming.
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    Oil that is currently available for a 2000 Passat VR6

    Quaker State Euro Full Synthetic 5W-40 Motor Oil, 5-Quart
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    What is going on with oil prices?

    Sounds like everyone should stock up on QSFS while it’s still $21. After wasting time on the DuraMax oil box fiasco I guess Kirkland or QS is still the best non-rebate deal out there.
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    Modified 2.8 Duramax Rec

    Agreed. I would edit you post to ask what full SAPS oil you prefer for a GM diesel or something like that.
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    Duramax 0w-20 synthetic, 6 gallon box, $50.86

    My grainger rep just called me. He said the product is no longer available and asked if he could offer any substitutes. I told him no, that was the only item I wanted. He went on to explain that it was mistakenly entered as 6 gallons instead of 6 quarts. That would explain the pricing. I only...
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    Duramax 0w-20 synthetic, 6 gallon box, $50.86

    From slickdeals - has me a little worried: "I called yesterday to check on my order. It was taking a long time so the lady said she would email me. I received the following email from her this morning: "I have heard back from the manufacturer about the status of your order. They have stated...
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    Syntec 5W30 Full Syn - For the Ti fans Looks like a nice oil for those who like Titanium. I think this is part of the $32 oil/filter special at Oreilly.