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    Plastic bits on filter gasket

    Also if you frequent you tube watch the FORDBOSSME 5.6 sludge engine......sounds like your issue exactly
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    Plastic bits on filter gasket

    Drain this "sludge" oil into a clear cheapo container from dollar tree and see if it is truly that nasty visually....... It's hard to translate noises via bitog it could be just the injectors clicking or a true valve train tick /nock or even your a/c clutch cycling making the "loud" click
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    Plastic bits on filter gasket

    I also believe there are plastic rocker arm keepers in the 5.6
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    Plastic bits on filter gasket

    It must have been getting the "Free" oil changes provided by the Nissan dealer Watch the FORD BOSS ME where he tears down one just like yours same story sludge to the point its nearly to late .......
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    Lost another military friend

    Agreed there have been out of state jobs living in hotels/apartments working just to sleep and start over took a toll on my bud and me as well there aren't many happy stories from on the road electricians unless there is ample family support and a understanding wife..... my sons have been...
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    Lost another military friend

    Sorry to hear this brother......I have a friend the same no military but we have been on big commerical jobsites since we were teens and now 45 lost touch about 5 years ago he is still alive..... I really think about the guy in the 100+ days in the streets
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    Help with bulb base stuck in fixture

    Needle nose for jewelry and pick tools
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    STP 6 gallon box

    My main reason is I have a commercial account at AZ I will continue to use for most of my vehicles until my hoard of 5w40 euro is gone for the 0w20 my son ordered (2)bag in box of Lucas full syn from a oil distributor who sponsored a motocross even we attended and was giving out discount...
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    STP 6 gallon box

    Ran the 5w40 euro in my wife's 2017 Passat from brand new to just over 100k before it was totaled by hail never a mechanical issue Had bought a " hoard " of the 5w40 STP I'm jugs and used the 0w20 bag in box for years on a 2.7 Tacoma Also the Fram oils at AAP and Elixr and Wolf's Head are...
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    Hearing protection

    I have pallets full of foam plugs if someone needs
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    Saw a Rivian today at the Home Depot

    They will have to pry my SuperDuties from my cold dead fingers ....... they look like a cartoon just my opinion but if you like them the rock on
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    STP 6 gallon box

    Been using it for years
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    P0300 only the dreaded random misfire

    !! It's all back together and running perfect with about 65 miles on it as of this posting The valve was not bent but as discussed in this thread I lifted the head to see if any damage was done The amount of carbon buildup on the intake valves was astonishing ..... never seen anything that...
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    Most Reliable Engine For Late-model F-series Trucks

    Yes since 2008 the cab bolts are from the bottom up and everything is made to disconnect from the chassis and let the cab be lifted The previous year 2007 and earlier the bolt heads are in the cab under the carpet and not as "easy " to lift
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    Purchased the TITANIUM and noticed this after

    It's most definitely to prevent rust when sitting on the shelf