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    I'm ready to order FP60 and was wondering if there were any coupon codes for BITOG members? Thank you Bostontim
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    MR2 2001 which fluid

    Has anyone had any experience with fluid for an MR2. I am considering Redline but do not know if I should go with MTL or MT-90. Any advice is welcome.
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    White box

    Does anyone have any information on White Box filters that are made in Israel, what is the quality like. Thank you
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    Switching to Synthetic

    I just bought a 2001 MR2 with 63000 miles on the clock, the previous owner had full records showing dino oil changes using shell and exxon oil every 3000/3500 miles. I want change to synthetic for the protection benefits, my question, are the miles to high to change to get the benefit and is...
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    First Oil Change

    I have a 03 Xterra and changed the oil and filter using chevron 5w-30 and nissan filter at 1500 miles. Since the change the engine is driving smoother and seems to be quieter, how is this possible with one oil change and has anyone had similiar experience with chevron. Thanks
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    bypass pressures

    where can i find the bypass pressures of a filter, also if I want to use an oversized filter do i need to have the same bypass pressure range, Thank you.
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    chevron supreme

    Does anyone know where to buy chevron supreme in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire area, Thanks.
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    Nissan Oil Filter

    The application is to fit a 2003 Xterra V6, Thanks.
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    Nissan Oil Filter

    Does anyone know the oversized filter that replaces the nissan 15208-00001. Thanks