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    How often have you actually seen exhaust leaks affect fuel trims?

    Funny this topic come up. The 2015 Impala 3.6 in the family fleet currently has a cracked exhaust manifold and it hasn’t set any OBD codes. Gotta get it fixed asap, the cabin stinks of exhaust fumes when sitting still.
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    Ford 3.5 EB w/ timing rattle - buy or walk?

    If it were me, I’d pass on the Ecoboost. They’re generally good trucks but it sounds like this one wasn’t taken care of.
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    2022 Crosstrek Drain Plug Crush Washer Replacement

    It’s “two tone” as a result of it being punched during the manufacturing process. With Hyundai and Kia’s there is no “correct” side to install the washer.
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    Thinking about buying a beater car

    No passenger seat, sounds like someone was shot or stabbed in that seat. Moving along…just keep your Camry. A beater car is going to require repairs to keep it going.
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    Quaker State QS9018 Chevy Malibu 5k

    The PF457G sold at Walmart is actually the OE Hengst. I’ve been buying them at Walmart for over a decade now.
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    Oil recommendation Genesis GV80

    Yep, this is true. Genesis valet services your car and is supposed to give you a loaner while yours is being serviced. They don’t want the Genesis customer ever setting foot in the Hyundai dealer. Genesis is about to start rolling out Genesis only showrooms real soon though.
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    GASOLINE ‼️ What is your to go favorite station ? TOP TEAR GAS

    I don’t see the need to suddenly go to Costco for gas if Kroger worked well for you for the last 7 years. Assuming no drivability issues. Just because gas isn’t labeled top tier, doesn’t mean it can’t keep your engine clean.
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    Fram TG 9 months, 4k miles. Rust!

    I can believe it if it was used while driving on heavily salted roads.
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    2017 Tundra Rental Review

    94,000 miles on a 6 year old rental is a lot. I wonder how many renters it’s had and what type of abuse/stupid things have been done to it. Nothing to do with the brand of truck.
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    Best oil for Chevy 2.7 in ND winter

    Whatever 0W-30 that meets the Dexos Gen 3 spec and motor on. Hint: you’re pretty much stuck with Mobil 1 AFE.
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    Safety Third....

    I’ve seen a lot of Hispanic repair shops around Dallas that do exactly this.
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    Anyone else use Affresh cleaner products?

    I use the tablets for the washing machine. I like it better than the Tide brand cleaner. The Tide foams up way too much.
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    I'm looking at another car 😱

    Frankly, Toyotas are over rated.
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    2017 Tundra Rental Review

    Yikes, I wouldn’t want to be driving someone’s 6 year old rental.
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    Oil recommendation Genesis GV80

    Some Hyundai dealers do, it’s been talked about on the Hyundai forums a few times. IIRC, it was the Hyundai dealers who are also authorized Genesis dealerships. I can assure you most Hyundai dealerships don’t use house synthetic for their standard oil changes. AFE 0W-30 is fine for this engine.