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    Post your latest oil change

    Honda Civic EX 2006 70000 km Valvoline Premium 5w20 Fram Toughguard filter.
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    New Continental Pure Contacts - First Impressions

    I recently put on a new set of Continental Pure Contacts on my 2003 Accord V6, my last set was Michelin Primacy MXV4'S which were very nice tires in every way , now discountinued. The continentals were very well priced compared to the new Michelins replacing the MXV4's,about $200 cheaper ...
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    Michelin Primacy MXV4 for 2011 Honda Oddy

    I have them on my Accord V6...80k on them .. they are great in every driving category ! stick with the Michelins ...
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    Primacy MXV4 Impressions

    this is 3rd set of tires on my 2003 v6 accord ,original had michelin mxv4 -s8 they became just to noisy and hard at 40 k ,so decided to try Toyo touring = good tire but not as smooth /quiet as they claim...... so back to michelins mxv4 primacy and bingo !!! what a tire now have 80 k on them...
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    What to do?

    what to do change the oil and filter before your trip .. what not to do not change it before your trip ...then worry if you should have changed it while your driving to Memphis !
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    Post your latest oil change

    Honda Civic 2006 Castrol GTX 5W20 Fram XG Filter Just finished !
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    Mileage discrepency on my Civic's odometer

    so i checked my son's 2006 CIVIC EX odometer shows 54664 km and 34036 miles, calculation of km to miles 54664 km / 1.609344 = 33967 miles think we may need to ask HONDA about this !
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    Mileage discrepency on my Civic's odometer

    Hey Patman , Now you have me thinking , going to have to check it out on son's car 2006 Civic EX Sedan I'll be back ....
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    Post your latest oil change

    Dodge Caravan SXT 2006 Castrol GTX 5w20 Fram PH16 filter did yesterday morning
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    Ranking the conventional oils

    best are 1. castrol gtx 2. pennzoil yellow bottle 3. mobil super 1000 4. valvoline 5. quakerstate green bottle
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    Castrol GTX High Mileage Oil 5w20

    Does Castrol GTX HM 5w20 oil have synthetic in it ? recentley noticed the Mobil Super 2000 in 5W20 (which is a high mileage oil ) states that it has synthetic in it, Castrol does not come out and state anthing on its product.
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    Castrol GTX GF-5/SN ? In Canada ?

    So has anyone found Castrol GF-5/SN anywhere in Canada yet ? all major brands are all up to latest specs from what i have found, whats up with Castrol ?
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    Post your latest oil change

    2003 Honda Accord V6 QSAD 5w20 & Napa Proselect Oil Filter 2006 Honda Civic EX QSAD 5w20 & Napa Proselect Oil Filter 2006 Dodge Caravan SXT V6 QSAD 5w20 & Carquest Oil Filter (white)
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    Castrol GTX GF-5 SN , is it out yet ?

    Has anyone seen GTX GF-5 SN yet ? I have found QS AD , Pennzoil YB but no Castrol GTX yet, Anyone ?? Thanks...